Invisalign Changes the Smile of Millions…Minus the Metal Mouth

I’m sure somewhere there is someone who hasn’t worn braces, but that wouldn’t be me.  I, in fact, have worn braces not once, not twice, but three times.  My husband is on his second round.  My oldest daughter has braces now, and I have at least one in the wings waiting her turn.  My philosophy: A good parent lines up a good orthodontist.  And a good orthodontist knows pay dirt when she sees us.

My first round of braces was the oh-so-chic, over-the-head metal frankenstein-looking variety.  With my curly frizzy hair, I was the picture of teenage awkardness.  My second set of braces was designed to fix the crowding problem my wisdom teeth created.  It didn’t work.  A third orthodontist was sure he could succeed where the other orthodontist had failed.  He was wrong.  I called it quits and learned to live  with a slightly off-center lower tooth.  Worse things could happen.

They both have braces. Pretty obvious who doesn’t have Invisalign.

I admit that I had flashbacks when my daughter was scheduled to get her braces.  I wanted to spare her the social pain braces had caused me, but I shouldn’t have worried.  Where I was awkward, she is confident.  Where I was downright ugly, she is as pretty as a picture.  She is also adept at using a hair straightener, a definite plus when dealing with inherited curly hair.

My husband chose a different path to correct his TMJ.  Invisalign.  Invisalign is like the “George Jetson” version of braces.  I used to think they were a gimmick, but after my husband’s experience I am a believer.

He has worn them for almost 10 months and is scheduled to get them off in January.  Most people don’t know he has them.  Not necessarily more comfortable than metal braces (they are moving your teeth, after all), Invisalign still has great advantages.

  • Adults with Invisalign are virtually incognito.  No brace-face chants from co-workers.
  • No mouth ulcers or fat lips when you bump your mouth.
  • No fear of shooting someone with a loose rubber band.
  • You can fly without setting off metal detectors at the airport.
  • You don’t get the metal brackets tangled in shag carpet…ok, well it’s not the ’70s, so not much danger of that anymore.

Like I said, we found an orthodontist who knows her business and appreciates ours.  Invisalign has a doctor locator on their site.

Invisalign has straightened 2 million smiles and counting!  Maybe mine will be next.  What about you?


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