11 Ways to Zip Up Any Meal With Mushrooms

In  honor of National Mushroom Month, #Fall4Mushrooms, I am posting a few ideas on using mushrooms.  Not exactly a hard thing for me to do.

As I have incorporated more vegetables into our meals, mushrooms have been an easy addition to many dishes.  Here are just a few tips for slipping that versatile veggie in:

veggies ready to go

Spaghetti Sauce: I make a double batch of spaghetti sauce at least once a month and freeze it to use for spaghetti, lasagna, and pizza sauce.  I saute onions, garlic, and mushrooms together, then add tomato paste, diced tomatoes, and seasonings.  Let simmer for a few hours (works great in the crockpot), and voila! you got yourself a healthy, preservative-free spaghetti sauce.

Stir Fry: Clean out your veggie drawer and saute with a little oil to whip up a quick and easy dinner.  You can add mushrooms at the beginning, where they will be well-cooked, or at the end, where they will be steamed.  Either way, they rock a stir fry.

Meatloaf/Hamburger: If you have a squeamish eater who thinks mushrooms are gross, you can finely chop the mushrooms and add to ground meat recipes, like meatloaf or hamburger patties.

Hamburger topper: Speaking of hamburgers, I love sauted mushrooms on my hamburger with a slice of cheese melted over the top.  Yummmm.

Sauteed: And speaking of sauteing, I love mushrooms sauteed in a little butter all by them lonesomes.  Yummm again!

Pizza: Is there such a thing as pizza without mushrooms?  I hope not.

Chicken: Another favorite dish for us is grilled chicken with sauteed mushrooms over the top. Kind of the leaner version of the hamburger.

Enchiladas: My favorite enchiladas have a sour cream/mushroom filling with verde sauce.  Seriously good.

Quiche: Chop up a couple mushrooms and add to whatever your favorite additions are.  So easy.

Stew: Reduce the meat.  Add the mushrooms.  Lower the fat.  Raise the Vitamin D.

Tacos: As in veggie tacos!  Of course, you can add it to taco meat, but I love veggie tacos, too.  My personal favorite is roasted potatoes, diced avocado, sauteed mushrooms, and pico de gallo.

Okay, I need to stop.  I’m getting hungry.

Do you have any mushroom faves?  Dish ’em up!


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  1. Georganne, how do you make your enchiladas? We have a couple that love mushrooms and I’d like to try this for them.