Golden Milk Soothes The Body to Sleep

Warm milk and spicy turmeric is a powerful sleep tonic

Warm milk has long been touted as a sleep aid. It never sounded appealing to me because I’m not much of a milk drinker, in the first place. And warmed? Bleh. But then, I tried a drink called Golden Milk, which tastes a lot like Chai Tea Latte. Now, that I could do. Whether it […]

Good Sleep Habits Promote Good Sleep

5 ways to get more Z's

The definition of parenting means wanting to do all the things that our children don’t want to do. PLEASE send me to my room for timeout so I can take a nap! Early bedtime? YES! Sleeping, the nemesis of all toddlers, becomes the very thing mom dreams of. Years of sleepless nights with fussy babies, cranky toddlers, […]

Interrupting Summer For A Word About Homeschool Planning

Use media to add sight & sound to learning without adding headaches to your day

While we’re officially on summer break from homeschool, that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking ahead to how I want to plan for the next school year. Is homeschool planning ever very far away from the mind of the homeschool mom? No. It’s not. Sometimes, it’s like voices in my head. Not like Jack Nicholson in […]

Step 4: Lack of Sleep Leaves You More Than Tired

Catch some Z's to boost your body AND your mind

Sometimes, busy moms think they can get more done by sleeping less. But like a toddler who gets woken up early from a nap, lack of sleep will leave you grumpy, as well as affect your IQ, your perception of reality, your cardiac health, your metabolism, and your looks.  Sounds like a few good reasons […]

Step 3: Perfect Posture Practice Makes Perfect Posture

Six easy exercises to help you perfect the posture habit

Funny thing about habits. They can save your bacon or fry it. Mmmm. Bacon. No! Habits. Talking about habits. How you sit, walk, stand, and lay down is one posture habit after another. Your body responds to each of those habits. Accordingly, your muscles and joints are affected by the same habits. While joint and muscle […]

Make the Most of Habits to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

12 easy steps will pay big dividends

Habits. We all got ’em. How do you use them? If you’re new to MomToManyGirls, you may not know much about my life and health problems. I have not documented it in any blog posts, though I may allude to it occasionally when offering suggestions about habits that have helped me deal with various health […]

When You’re Ready to Stop, Keep Your Eyes on the End Goal

Don't let a slow pace discourage you from finishing the journey

Why do you do what you do? When you’re in the middle of most anything that requires a prolonged effort or attention span, you tend to doze off or look for ways to bail out. The excitement of beginning a new venture or life change dims, while the end goal is still too far away. […]

Step Back to Our Water Habit

Water infusions create summer treats

It never hurts to revisit a habit and make sure we’re keeping up with it like we should. Let’s jump back to Step 1 of the 12 Steps to a Healthier You. We added water to our daily drink regimen and dropped at least one sugary or caffeinated drink. I can remember when I first […]

Step 3: Listen to Your Mother and Stand Up Straight!

Good stretching helps improve your posture

If you could do just one thing to look younger, what would you pay for it? Some people pay thousands of dollars to erase their wrinkles with injections or hundreds of dollars for miracle creams to rejuvenate their skin. I have one trick that won’t cost you a dime, and yet many people ignore it. […]