What If All Your Health Problems Were Centered On Your Gut Health?

You might be wondering why gut health is so important. It’s a hot topic in the health blog-o-sphere. Well, in short, we think of our brains as being in control of our body, but actually current science is finding that our digestive system (gut) is really where everything concerning our health is centered. This post […]

Time’s a-Wasting For This Special Deal

ONLY One more day for the Gut Health SUPER Bundle

I’m working on a few more posts about the importance of our drink choices when developing a healthier lifestyle, but before this extra special deal goes away, I want to remind you that it is an awesome resource for the very thing we’re going to be doing over the next few months. Taking meaningful steps […]

Man Cannot Live on Water Alone

Or How to Fizz Up Your Drink Options

While we’re talking about increasing our water intake, one could say, “man does not live on water alone.” A slight adaptation that is partially true. Sure, the body is composed of 60% (or more) of water. Yes, drinking water is important to staying hydrated. And, yes, many alternative liquids (such as sodas and sports drinks) do […]

Chasing a Rabbit Won’t Always Get You Lost

Great resources for the future healthier you

Sometimes the path between Point A and Point D might not include Points B and C. Some people call it chasing a rabbit, but often it just means that opportunities and decisions don’t come in the order in which we think they should. We have to make decisions without all the information and buy things […]

Step 1 to a Healthier You: How to Add Water to Your Day

How was your first week or two of adding a glass of water to your day? You probably didn’t even have to eliminate any other drink choices to add one glass of water to your day. When I first started consciously drinking more water, I actually created time slots to drink. I know that sounds […]

Step 1 to a Healthier You: Cheers!

The first step I picked for my 12-step 2015 2017 Health Challenge is about as easy as falling off a log. In fact, it’s what you’ll find yourself in if you do fall off a floating log. Water. The human body is composed of approximately 60% water, so it stands to reason that replenishing that […]

Health Challenge 2017

2017 can be your year to improve your health! Don't give up!!

My temporary blogging hiatus stretched into two years. In 2015, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t keep all the balls in the air, irons in the fire, and any other metaphor you want to throw out there to describe severe over-commitment. So, I unceremoniously quit everything that wasn’t absolutely required for survival. Even whittling it down […]

Start Off 2015 With A Healthy Bang

It’s here! No matter what your healthy goal is for 2015, you’re bound to find some invaluable information in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, which includes more than 50 e-books (valued at $875), seven online courses (valued at $145), and even seven bonuses (valued at $140). And what do you think all that costs? Less […]

Take 12 Steps in 2015 to Improve Your Health

Next year is in, like, five days. Seriously? How does time move that fast? I feel like I just started getting some traction on 2014 when suddenly 2015 is knocking on my door. I know I’m not finished with my goals from 2014. How about you? My goals really were not that difficult, but life […]

Techy Tuesday: All Spam Doesn’t Come in a Can

Remember when junk mail filled your mailbox?  Credit card applications for your dog.  Ed McMahon telling you that you won the lottery.  It wasn’t too hard to tell what was junk then. If you have had an email for more than two days, you probably have realized that junk mail went digital.  It can clog […]