A Lesson in Thankfulness

In our apartment, I might have mentioned that we don’t have a lot of storage space. Another thing that is somewhat bothersome is the dishwasher. It’s small, and the pull-out trays are prone to jam or fall off track. It takes a gentle touch to load and unload this very special dishwasher. My 9 year old daughter does not possess the gentle touch, and the dishwasher has become her nemesis.

This morning she got particularly upset and started to yell at the dishwasher, as if it would really care or correct itself after her verbal assault. I admit that I have a had a few words with this dishwasher, myself, but it has involved under-the-breath mutterings and heavy sighs. However, Alyssa’s emotions run very deep and tend to boil over easily. It’s the German heritage from her dad, I’m sure.

So, I decided she might benefit from a lesson in thankfulness for what you have, no matter how little or poorly it works. Today, she is our chief dishwasher and bottle washer. She is washing all the dishes by hand, and the other girls have to help rinse and dry. We can dirty a lot of dishes on a normal day, but today I’m also baking for Easter. He-he-he. I imagine she might adjust her attitude toward the dishwasher tomorrow. Either that, or she’ll go “Office Space” on it.


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