Book Recommendation: Better Than A Box – How to Transform Processed Food Recipes into Whole Foods Favorites

So, I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’m refining our dietary habits, partly out of health consciousness and partly out of necessity due to food allergies.  As a result, I am becoming a alternative cookbook hoarder.  But it’s all digital, so no fear of my kids getting buried in a landslide of heavy books.  Digital is also super easy to peruse recipes, bookmark interesting ones, and keep track of the whole collection.  The same cannot be said of traditional, hardbound cookbooks.

My best friend who has never talked to me nor knows me in real life in any way, Katie Kimball, just released her new book, Better Than a Box: How to Transform Processed Food Recipes into Whole Foods Favorites.  I know I’ve mentioned that her Smart Sweets book includes my very favorite brownie recipe in the whole world, and one which my daughter, the walking cow-allergen, can eat.  It makes an awesome crust for fruit pizzas, just in case you are looking to be creative.  That’s my one big creative idea for the month.  I’m not very artsy fartsy.

From Katie’s site, because I really couldn’t explain it better than she did:

“Better Than a Box is more than just a recipe book – it’s a tutorial in real food cooking, reverse engineering processed foods, and creative recipe development.

In the first 100 pages, you’ll learn step-by-step processes to transform your own family-favorite recipes by ditching the boxes and cans and using 100% real food. Through demonstrations of successful recipe remakes and the extensive section of basic recipes, your “Reverse Engineering” toolbox will be well stocked, and you’ll be inspired to take courage in the kitchen.

We leave no can of cream of mushroom untouched.

No box of Stovetop Stuffing is safe.”

In celebration of another fabulous book by Katie, I’m encouraging all my readers to buy Katie’s book and leave her a comment telling how fabulous she is.  You can get the promotional price of 99 cents directly from Amazon or you can buy it from Katie’s site, Kitchen Stewardship, and get a bundled package with ten bonuses, including printables and videos, for $1.99.  Either way, it’s a super great deal.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go grab Katie’s book and see how you can add some pizzazz and healthy alternatives to your favorite fake food recipes.


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