Step 1 to a Healthier You: Water Wrap-up

Never underestimate the smallest step that will start the biggest journey

Let’s wrap up our first step in our 12 Step Healthier You Journey with a final look at our drink choices, why they matter, and which is the best beverage choice. Water is by far the best beverage choice for not just quenching your thirst, but also helping the body flush toxins from the body, […]

Start Your Day With A Taste of Sunshine

Recipe for Lemon Honey Tea

We’re winding up our first step in the 12 Steps to a Healthier You Journey, but before we move on, I want to share a this Lemon Honey Tea recipe that I’ve added to my morning routine. Here’s the recipe, if you can call it that. It’s so stinking easy! 6 oz. water Juice of 1/2 fresh […]

Healthy Drink Options or Man Cannot Live on Water Alone

Or How to Fizz Up Your Drink Options

While we’re talking about increasing our water intake, one could say, “man does not live on water alone.” A slight adaptation that is partially true. There are many healthy drink options that will count toward your daily water goal. Sure, the body is composed of 60% (or more) of water. Yes, drinking water is important to […]

Step 1 to a Healthier You: How to Add Water to Your Day

How was your first week or two of adding a glass of water to your day? You probably didn’t even have to eliminate any other drink choices to add one glass of water to your day. But how to drink more water than your old beverages of choice, you ask? When I first started consciously […]

Step 1 to a Healthier You: Cheers!

The first step I picked for my 12-steps To a Healthier You Journey is about as easy as falling off a log. In fact, it’s what you’ll find yourself in if you do fall off a floating log. Water. The human body is composed of approximately 60% water, so it stands to reason that replenishing […]

Join the Health Challenge 2017

2017 can be your year to improve your health! Don't give up!!

My temporary blogging hiatus stretched into two years. In 2015, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t keep all the balls in the air, irons in the fire, and any other metaphor you want to throw out there to describe severe over-commitment. My health was suffering, and so, I unceremoniously quit everything that wasn’t absolutely required for […]

Start Off 2015 With A Healthy Bang

It’s here! No matter what your healthy goal is for 2015, you’re bound to find some invaluable information in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, which includes more than 50 e-books (valued at $875), seven online courses (valued at $145), and even seven bonuses (valued at $140). And what do you think all that costs? Less […]

Take 12 Steps in 2015 to Improve Your Health

Next year is in, like, five days. Seriously? How does time move that fast? I feel like I just started getting some traction on 2014 when suddenly 2015 is knocking on my door. I know I’m not finished with my goals from 2014. How about you? My goals really were not that difficult, but life […]

FREE E-Guide: 4 Steps to Your Healthiest Year

Are you thinking ahead to what kind of healthy changes you want to make in 2015? I know I pick one or two things each year that I want to improve or habits I want to break. It really does work to write down your goals and outline a few action steps to take. Otherwise, it’s one of a hundred ideas that float out of my mind in a minute or two.

To help kick off your New Year’s Health Goals, I recommend a free e-guide, 4 Steps to Your Healthiest Year from The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle people, to help you get started. The UHLB sale was a huge success in September, but they’re going to open it again for TWO DAYS ONLY next week. It’s a fantastic bundle of e-books and tools to help you get on track to a healthy lifestyle.

So, click the link now to get your free e-guide 4 Steps to Your Healthiest Year and jumpstart a New Year and a New You.

I’ll send out a special memo as soon as they announce the days of the sale for the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. Believe me. You don’t want to miss it!!


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Beauty Sleep Isn’t Such a Misnomer

Busy lifestyles encourage people to find new and ingenious ways to squeeze one more minute out of their day.  It might seem like you can shave a minute here and a minute there to lengthen your day, but 24 hours is all you get, no matter what. One particularly popular, but ineffective, way to try […]