Good coffee makes good mornings. Phoenix Coffee does even more.

I love coffee. I love coffee so much that I named my three dogs after coffee: Java, Cappuccino, and Mocha Latte. They have all gone on to the big coffee cup in the sky, but while they were here my mornings involved very good coffee and very furry company. I wouldn’t classify my love of […]

Lemon Essential Oil: What’s Not to Love?

The cleaning aisle is filled with lemon-scented products, from dusting to soaps.  Lemon is the rage.  Why?  Well, because lemon is great.  It rocks the cleaning world. Ever notice that lemon wedge on your glass of water at the restaurant?  It’s for more than decoration. Lemonade on a hot summer day.  Refreshing. If you don’t […]

Mid-Year Homeschool Update…Just Keep Swimming

We jumped back into school today with renewed vigor and determination.  Yeah, right.  Well, my kindergartner did, anyway.  I heard her screaming because her older sister said she was going to get her books ready.  The K-child flew into a rage demanding to go first.  Why couldn’t they all have her desire to “do school”?  […]

NOT Normal #1: Searching For Health In Alternative Places

My first NOT normal decision this year is to seek alternative medical advice and help.  I’ve had a number of health challenges over the last five years.  Some have resolved on their own, but most of them have stuck around and gotten worse.  I’ve seen doctors, had tests, had surgeries, taken this medicine and that, […]

Christmas Gift Idea: Make Your Own Gifts, No Crafts Needed

When I shop, and especially when I Christmas shop, I search high and low for gifts that are unique and fit my recipient’s personality.  I want the gift to really make them light up with excitement.  I’m not looking for expensive or big, but fun and out-of-the-ordinary.  My three tenets of gift shopping are unique, […]

Eating Healthy(er) During the Holidays

Our Thanksgiving meal is just about complete, so I’m taking a few minutes to voice a few thoughts about making the holiday meals somewhat healthier.  I know some people successfully transform the traditional meal into something approaching healthfood nirvana.  For the rest of us, it’s about making smaller substitutions.  I thought about this when I was […]

Belgium’s Natural Beauty, French Food, and History Was A Great Start For Our Trip

My dad and I returned from our trip to Europe last Wednesday, and I jumped in with both feet to a work project which lasted through the weekend. So, I’m just now getting back on board with normal life. Or as normal as life can be around here. But before I get too far away, […]

Best Laid Plans Are Bound To Fall Apart

After visiting my great-uncle’s grave at Henri-Chappelle American Military Cemetery, we were right on track to return the car in Liege and take a train to Frankfurt, the only one without connections. In other words, we shouldn’t have had to change trains. That didn’t happen, and it was a bad sign. From what I could […]

Leaving On a Jet Plane

I’ve been busy getting ready for a trip. There’s the packing to go, the organizing for while I’m gone, and the anticipation of what I’m forgetting. In one word, stressful! But now I’m at the airport. Better known as hurry up and wait. Anything I have forgotten, I will just have to do without or […]

Helping the Least: A Family With Needs Helps With Purpose

I’m so excited to add a post in my Helping the Least series.  I haven’t done one in a while, and I feel very remiss in my efforts to spotlight groups and individuals who work under the radar assisting those in need.  Many small nonprofits grow from an individual or family’s desire to make a difference.  The desire is […]