Character in a Nutshell

When I talk about character, I might give the impression that character is the end-all of raising good children. That is not the whole picture.

Christ is the ultimate measure of all character qualities. “He, who knew no sin…” No human, other than Jesus Christ, can make this claim. Therefore, there is no final test to pass in character training. It’s a lifelong process, and one all of us fail at one time or another. Also, character can only be developed in relation to knowing Christ, another lifelong journey. The apostle Paul refers to this very attitude in Philippians 3:13 “forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead.”

Two, character really has to be lived out in everyday life. It’s fine and dandy to tell someone it’s important to be honest, but until it’s enforced it doesn’t come alive. Who ate the last cookie? Who wrote on the wall? Did you cheat on the test? The whole, unvarnished truth is the only acceptable answer. Otherwise, it’s only an academic exercise. And academics never changed the world.


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