Chasing a Rabbit Won’t Always Get You Lost

Great resources for the future healthier you

Sometimes the path between Point A and Point D might not include Points B and C. Some people call it chasing a rabbit, but often it just means that opportunities and decisions don’t come in the order in which we think they should. We have to make decisions without all the information and buy things we know we’ll need before we’re ready to use them…just because that’s what happens in a messy life.

So, while we’re still talking about adding water and removing unhealthy drink choices, suddenly this new opportunity comes up that I  just have to share with you. Because when we get to the point in our health journey where we will want to use the great resources available in it, the opportunity will be gone. The 2017 Gut Health Super Bundle is only available for five days. That means it ends Sunday, March 26, 2017.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of the fee if you make a purchase using this link.

For $29.97, you’ll receive 16 eBooks and 5 eCourses, 44 videos, and 846 recipes to help improve your “gut”, a.k.a. digestive, health. And boy, is that topic going to be a biggie on our health journey.

While we develop new healthy habits and weed-out the old un-healthy habits, we also have to think of the damage already caused. Medications, chemicals in our environment, years of eating poorly, and many other factors beyond our control wreak havoc on our guts. What if you get to the end of our 12-Step Healthier You Journey and still feel like day-old oatmeal warmed over? Blah!

I’m not going to accept that, and you shouldn’t either. So, I’m making sure you have the opportunity to purchase this bundle that will help us as we battle together chronic health issues and depressing symptoms.

Of course, everyone is unique with unique problems, but many things can be traced to our digestive system, which includes so much more than the stomach. Whereas the brain might be central control for the body, the gut handles the breakdown and distribution of just about every nutrient that comes into your body. If it’s been given junk for too long or attacked by disease, it’s having a hard time breaking down and distributing those vital nutrients to the rest of the body. Even if you begin feeding it healthy food, it might be too stressed to send out the new and improved nutrients.

We will include this very necessary step of healing our guts in our 12-Step Healthier You Journey, but let’s not waste this fantastic opportunity to purchase The 2017 Gut Health Super Bundle NOW!

Exactly what do you get? Holy cow! Let’s look!!

Foundations of Gut Health   

  • Heal Your Gut Summit by Dr. Eric Zielinski $99.00 value
  • How to Heal a Broken Gut Masterclass by Spark Health $27.00 value

Getting Started   

  • 14-Day Gut Reset by Chloe Breczinski $10.00 value
  • Zero Effort Gut Health: 10 Shockingly Easy Changes Anyone Can Make For Better Gut Health! by Dena Norton $8.99 value
  • Heal Your Gut Program by Lee Holmes $59.00 value
  • Heal Your Gut Starter Kit by Allison Nichols $47.00 value

Gut-Healing Foods   

  • Broth for Breakfast (and Every Meal of the Day): Amazing Broth-Based Recipes for Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker and Stove Top by Katie (Wellness Mama) $19.00 value
  • Oh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruits & Veggies by Tamara Mannelly $9.99 value
  • Resistant Starch 101 by Heather Dessinger $5.99 value
  • Lacto-Fermentation eCourse {mini} by Wardee Harmon $40.00 value
  • Kombucha Bone Broth Secrets: And Other Hacks to Upgrade Your Bone Broth by Dave Lindenbaum $47.00 value


  • Disease-Free Revolution by Ron Garner $4.61 value
  • Solving the IBS Puzzle: A Patient’s Guide to Treating IBS from Diagnosis to Treatment by Sylvie McCracken $9.99 value
  • How Your Gut Heath Affects Your Hormone Health (and What to Do About It) by Bridgit Danner $27.00 value


  • Candida on Ice: 20 Sugar-Free Ice Creams and Cold Treats by Paula Miller $7.95 value
  • The Paleo Guide to Beating Candida Naturally: Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting Rid of Candida and Keeping it That Way by Will Nicolson $12.99 value


  • Beyond Grain & Dairy: Delicious, Nutritious Real Food Grain-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free Recipes from Main Dishes to Desserts by Starlene D. Stewart $24.97 value
  • Gut-Healing Starter Pack by Cara Comini $75.00 value

Grain Free   

  • 7 Simple Steps to Better Grain Free Baking by Kelly Smith $8.95 value
  • Go Grain Free by Dr. Jill Tieman $67.00 value

Additional Recipes   

  • Gut Balancing Recipes: Eat Your Way to Better Health, Glowing Skin, and Better Moods by Dr. Karen Lee $14.99 value
  • Keto-Adapted by Maria Emmerich $14.99 value
  • Mind & Body Balancing by Kari Owens $13.97 value
  • Muddled: Paleo & AIP Mocktails to Nourish Your Body & Soul by Amanda Torres, MS $14.99 value
  • Nourishing Holiday: Grain-Free, Gut-Healing Food for Every Celebration by Jaclyn Harwell $24.97 value


  • 2 free cartons of bone broth from Kettle & Fire ($24 value), $7.99 shipping, available within the U.S. only
  • $20 gift card to Get Kombucha ($20 value), $6.95 shipping within the U.S., international shipping rates apply

Did you add that up? That’s $695.34 worth of knowledge for just $29.97. I call that a steal-a-deal.

But don’t wait!! It’s only available for 5 more days from today. Not 5 days from next Wednesday. Five days from TODAY, March 22, 2017.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of the fee if you make a purchase using this link.

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