Christmas Gift Idea: Polder’s Old World Market Carves Beautiful Kitchen Utensils

When I shop, and especially when I Christmas shop, I search high and low for gifts that are unique and fit my recipient’s personality.  I want the gift to really make them light up with excitement.  I’m not looking for expensive or big, but fun and out-of-the-ordinary.  My three tenets of gift shopping are unique, local, and family owned.  So, for Christmas this year, I’m going to feature gift ideas that fit at least two of my tenets.  I hope these gift ideas will help you find fun gifts for everyone on your Christmas list and will support family businesses. 

My first spotlight for unique Christmas gifts is Polder’s Old World Market.  The Polder family includes Trevor and Angela and their twelve children. They hand carve wooden kitchen utensils, and I’m not talking blunt, splinter-prone boring spoons.  These are works of art.  Beautifully hand-carved with intricate designs.  Smoothed to a shiny finish.  I want one so bad!

Look at this canning spoon in Black Walnut.


Or American Beech.


Or Spalted Maple.  What kind of wood is that?  I love the pattern of the grain.


Polder’s also carves spatulas,


salad server sets,


ladles (one of my favorites),


coffee scoops (I NEED one of these),


and this sweet heart-shaped dish.


Plus lots more unique, (have I said this enough?), utensils.

If you have a kitchen queen (or king) on your gift list, go to Polder’s Old Market for a gift that is sure to make them giddy.

The Polders have a new baby girl who began life with a bang.  She underwent heart surgery within a week of her birth and, despite a few close calls, is at home being showered with attention by her adoring family.  By purchasing from Polder’s, you not only support a family business, you help them pay for some significant medical bills, I’m sure.  God is faithful to provide, and I’m always happy to be help.

Stop by Polder’s Old World Market Etsy shop and tell them how beautiful their wares are.  Share their link with your friends.  Let’s give them a spectacular Christmas bonus!


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