Cooking Recommendation

Whether you are a culinary pro or a blundering baker, I highly recommend taking cooking classes. I did not learn to cook well until I was married. I cooked some before, but not a lot and not well. I made LOTS of mistakes as I learned, and my wonderful husband suffered through quite a few bad dinners. Eventually, I did better. But I still like to take cooking classes for inspiration and fun.

Recently, I took an online cooking course with my oldest daughter. She has been a helper in the kitchen since she could pull up a chair to the counter, as have my other children, but I thought it would be fun for us to learn new recipes together. Then, I wouldn’t be the tyrant insisting she do my recipe my way.

We took the Back to Basics Cooking Class at One Roast Vegetable. Shelley is a great cook and hosts a fun class with video and step-by-step recipe cards. We liked all the recipes we cooked, and most of them “stuck.” That means we still cook them regularly. If you need need to learn the basics of cooking, are looking for a fun class to take with one or more of your children, or just need inspiration, sign up for Shelley’s Back to Basics Cooking Class starting soon.

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