Day 10: A Daily Routine Assures a Reasonably Clean House

Today is Day 10 of the 30 Days to Less Stuff and More Life Challenge. If you want to jump in, go get the book at Amazon, Simple Living – 30 days to less stuff and more life.

Do any of your rooms look like this?

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Today is all about schedule.  I would be up a creek without a paddle if I didn’t have a schedule.  Talk about never getting anything done.  Sheesh, we’d all be in our pjs at 5 p.m. without a schedule.  Not that I would ever lay around all day in my pajamas.  Not me.

Anywho, I’ve tried the 15-minute increment schedules, but with five girls (including two toddlers), homeschooling, work, and extracurricular activites, 15-minute blocks is a little too constricting for me.  I’m a “give a moose a  muffin” kinda gal.  Once I start on something, I wander to other things before I realize what how much time I’ve lost.  I do better with 30-minute to an hour blocks of time.  I get a few major things done with a little time for rabbit trails.

For instance, I know I have to exercise (40 minutes), fix breakfast, shower and dress, and check email by 8:30 every morning.  So, I know what time I need to be up by to get those things done.  If I oversleep, which never happens, then something has to get axed…usually the shower.  Don’t stand too close.

For my girls, they have to be dressed, fed, and chores done by 8:30, as well.  They have a little more lee-way, but we’re working on that whole make your bed, pick up your clothes routine.  I really don’t think a tornado could make more of a mess than them.

After our morning routine, we’re off to the races.  School. Dance. Piano. Work. Co-op. Doctor appointments. Sometimes all on the same day.  Not really.  We space it out some.  Sort of.

Then, at the end of the day, we make another sweep through the apartment to pick up all those flying toys and clothes that just jump out of nowhere.  Because, you know my precious little angels never throw anything down in the middle of the floor.  It’s that Notme and Idunno that sneak in every day and wreak havoc.  Those two need a good swatting from their mother.

In a perfect world, I would love to have a spic-and-span house all the time, but it isn’t gonna happen anytime in the next fifteen years.  So, here’s my adjustment of perfection for the current season of our life:

  1. Nothing on the floor that someone will break their neck on in the middle of the night, or day, for that matter.
  2. Clothes put away.  The toy box doesn’t count.
  3. Nothing piled on any flat surface, such as shoes, underwear, hangers, or assorted personal accessories.
  4. Beds made up.  Army corners are not necessary, but the bed should not be mistaken for a wardrobe or bookshelf.
  5. Counters and tables wiped down, maybe not after every meal, but absolutely after dinner.
  6. All trash in the wastebaskets, and wastebaskets emptied at least every other day.

Honestly, between seven people, these tasks can be accomplished easily almost every day, and our home is acceptably clean.  Of course, there are the odd days where I spend six hours in the emergency room.  Thankfully, those days are few and far between, and it’s not the end of the world when they happen.  We just have to shovel a little harder when we get  home.

What is your standard for a clean house and how do you schedule it in?


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