Everybody Should Have One Crazy Neighbor Story. It’s a Rite of Passage.

Unless you have the privilege of living on Southfork, you know the ranch on Dallas, you probably have neighbors.  Big sigh.  Yes, neighbors.  They can be God’s blessing or the devil’s thorn.  I can’t say that we’ve ever had any too bad, but we’ve had a few unusual ones.

In our last house, where we lived for 14 years, we were blessed to have some good long-term neighbors for about eight years.  Everyone had a few quirks.  We weren’t necessarily best friends.  But we all got along.  That wasn’t the case for all 14 years, though.  Let me reminisce about a few odder neighbors.

A light dusting of snow in Central Texas is about as common as bikini weather in the North Pole.

When we first moved into our house, pre-kids, we had one neighbor couple two houses down that wouldn’t speak.  At all.  If we were in the yard, they would go all the way around the cul-de-sac the other way to avoid our house.  We never even had a chance to make a bad impression with them.  They were from another part of the country not known for its politeness, and they left shortly after we moved in to return to their own version of heaven.  Good riddance.  Their replacements couldn’t have been nicer and still live in that house.

Then, there was the guy who never wore a shirt.  Ever.  We live in Texas, but come on.  Clothes are not optional here.  They also moved and spared my eyes from further scarring.  The next couple that lived there were the best neighbors in the world.  They moved shortly before us, but we keep in touch.  Can’t wait to visit them at their house on the beach.  Their replacements were less than stellar, and we were glad to move.

Living on a cul-de-sac often unites the circle neighbors against the rest of the street in a turf war.  We occasionally had neighbors down the street that thought it was okay to set off fireworks in the middle of the circle on New Year’s or 4th of July.  Please burn down your own house, not ours.  Then, there were the renters “on the edge” of the boundary who had two sons sporting fashion ankle bracelets provided by the local police department.  One night, they had a visitor who first tried to sell drugs then rob a teenager across the street as he was coming home from work and shot off a few rounds as he ran in the house.  The police were summoned, and the renters were hauled out to their lawn in various forms of undress as they searched for the offender.  He was arrested only to return the next day looking for his car keys that fell out of his pocket during the raid.  We called the police again.  Talk about stupid criminals.

We had our own reputation, mind you.  One of our dogs was quite the acrobat in his younger days and delighted to terrify the neighbors by jumping to look over the six-foot fence when they were in their backyard.  He and his two siblings were also master escape artists, and we replaced three neighbors gates/fences when they made their way from our yard through their’s and out to the wild blue yonder.  Even in their old age, they would try to hobble off to freedom, only to get lost in the cul-de-sac and have to be brought home by a neighbor who found them collapsed in their yard.

Yes, neighbors can be good, bad, or somewhere in between.  No matter what, they provide memories.

Do you have any crazy neighbor stories?


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