Everyday Ways to Show the Love

Anyway, many people get all choked up over how to express their undying love for another person.  It really doesn’t have to be that complicated.  Here are my five simple tips for showing some love.  They transcend Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and are useful each and every day to build a meaningful relationship.

Love makes things grow.

Love makes things grow.>
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  1. Say, “I love you.”  Obvious?  It helps to make eye contact, but even a text with these three simple words mean a lot.
  2. Start and end every day with a hug and a kiss.  No matter what happens in between, a tangible display of affection shows your significant other you care.  The rare exception to this is when one of you has a cold or the flu.  Germs are not to be shared in this way.
  3. Listen.  Everybody needs to talk, even ramble on occasion, and knowing you will listen without interrupting helps relieve the day’s tension and sets the mood for better communication.
  4. Do one favor a week.  Most people have one thing they hate to do, and some of us have more than one.  This is the thing that is a chore in the most annoying meaning of the word.  So, do it for him (or her) every so often.  Without being asked.  Who doesn’t love finding the trash already emptied?
  5. Laugh.  When everything feels wrong, a good laugh puts it all in perspective.  Retell some funny memory you share.  Tell a stupid joke.  Make a goofy face.  Whatever works.

Sappy holidays are insufficient to show someone you love them, not that I turn down flowers or candy for any reason.   But in the interest of putting my marriage first, I use these five simple steps to make sure my husband feels loved 365 days a year.


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