First Semester Behind Us, and All is Well

We have entered our ninth week of the school year.  This is the week we usually take a break, however all my students did not finish their work.  So, they will use their week off to catch up.  So sad.

What did we do during our first semester?  Well, see for yourself.

Our first week we made Kool-aid play dough.  It was super easy and fun for everyone.  One note of caution, it will mold.  I probably didn’t let it cool enough before putting it in the bag.  It sweated, and well, then it got gross.


Still, we made use of what didn’t mold.  We studied the seven days of Creation from Genesis 1.  The elementary students colored pictures for each day.  My 6th grader drew a picture of each day, and my 9th grader wrote a report.  At the end, we used our play dough to make a diorama of Creation.  The girls were very creative.  I love that Emma put eyes on her snake.  Such detail.

creation diorama

We took a field trip to the Blue Bell Creamery, but it was closed.  Lesson learned: call ahead.  Still, we had fun eating ice cream, so not a total loss.

blue bell

My 6th grader is a talented artist, so I have had her do several art projects associated with her school.  She has drawn several bird portraits to label their parts and identify the different species.  We will continue our bird study next semester, including starting a bird guide.

bird sketch

My kindergartner has proven to be unusually motivated.  She finished her first eight weeks of work in six weeks, and is working ahead.  At this rate, she may graduate with my 6th grader.

Yes, our first eight weeks has passed quickly and mostly without drama.  Our next break will be Thanksgiving, then just a few short weeks until Christmas.  Taking it one bite at a time makes the year much more manageable.  A breather helps you catch up and prepare for the next leg of the journey.

How is you school year going?  Homeschool or otherwise.


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2 thoughts on “First Semester Behind Us, and All is Well

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Well done to your girls! It’s nice with homeschooling that your child can work ahead. Our school year in South Africa begins in Jan. and ends in Dec., so our kids are nearly finished.