FREE Cooking Class Just In Time for Christmas Baking!

My friend, Shelley at One Roast Vegetable, is starting a FREE cooking class this week. Learn how to make all kinds of quick breads. You can eat them all yourself, or share with friends for Christmas. I haven’t decided which I’ll do yet. I was with her when she shot the opening video (she even mentions my name!!), and the bread she shows, cherry chocolate, is yummy, even if the cherries and chocolate all fell to the bottom. If you’re real into looks, that would have to be one to eat yourself. Darn. I, myself, am more into taste than looks. So, if you’re on my Christmas list, don’t be offended if you get less than perfect-looking yummies. I’m no Martha Stewart, but they will taste great. I promise.

Check out Shelley’s FREE cooking class. Click here or the logo in the sidebar to sign up .

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