Girls Camp Offers Unique Experience

Our piano teacher, who has the nerve to leave us for a “real” job this fall, is hosting a Christian summer girls camp for high school age girls in August.  She and a group of friends have conceived a unique two week experience on a local farm teaching character, homemaking skills, and practical life skills.  I want to go, but there is some silly age requirement that I apparently exceed.  Here is the information from their website,

“Academy 31 is a two-week camp for older girls who desire to be prepared for every good work — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Designed for young women approximately high school age, Academy 31 offers training in a wide array of practical life skills, provides hands-on application for each class, and fosters Godly encouragement and discipleship, all while allowing participants to experience a taste of peaceful country living on a family farm just outside of Austin, TX.

From creating a nutritious weekly meal plan on a budget, to putting in a fall garden, from decorating a cake to checking your transmission fluid, from evaluating business plans to properly treating a burn, you will leave better equipped to serve your family and those around you. Our classes are structured so that you will receive a necessary foundation in unfamiliar skills while still being challenged and given fresh ideas in areas at which you are already proficient.

Above all, we desire to see young ladies grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, developing the Christ-like character that flows from knowing and loving God. Our attendance cap ensures a teacher-student ratio high enough to allow personal mentorship throughout the camp. In addition to permeating the practical training with character lessons that point to Christ, we will have daily sessions of dedicated Bible study, focusing on the simple yet profound truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

I encourage you to check out the camp if you have teenage girls.  It offers invaluable lessons that far too few young ladies learn in today’s culture.


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