Home Update Following Trip

My husband read my pre-trip post regarding the overwhelming job of stepping into my role while I was gone for a week. He was not amused. Therefore, he made me promise to post an update on how things went while I was gone.

First, the children were all clothed and clean when I got home. No one reported seeing them in states of dishevelment…in public, at least.

Second, the house was still standing and reasonably clean. I say “reasonably” because, it’s never more than a change of clothes away from disaster, anyway.

Third, no one seemed to skip any meals, but as I predicted, much of my frozen food prep was still there. The taco meat was gone; no surprise there.

Fourth, they made it to all their activities, with a little help from friends.

Finally, he cleaned the house well enough to show it one time. Another realtor called for a showing, but with only 20 minutes notice he couldn’t get home from work in time to straighten it up. I would have declined just on principal. Totally unprofessional to act like you can show up on a whim to an occupied home with children.

So, the verdict is in. My husband is awesome, amazing, spectacular, a prince among men. No doubt about it, I hit the jackpot.

Love ya, hun!!


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