Life is full of transitions

Last year I went through a transition, of sorts.  I had been contemplating starting an Internet business but was unsure of what or how to get started.  Even as a technical professional with an MBA in “real life”, the whole Internet business thing was pretty fuzzy to me.  I knew the technicalities of how to get a domain, setup a website, etc., but exactly how you made money at it wasn’t something I could put into practice.

So, I thought about finding a class or someone who had done it to help walk me through the process.  Out of nowhere, I got an email from a lady that I had done an online cooking class with two years prior.  She was teaching a class on building an online business.  Bingo!  I signed up, and took her class not once, but twice.  I even traveled to Paris, France, where she lives, to work with her one on one.  Talk about a field trip!

Now, a year later, I have written a book and have a website to sell it.  I’m not raking in money, but I have something solid on which to build.  I also have a half dozen more thoughts on expanding that original idea and believe that in a few years I can have a profitable home-based business. 

I already work part-time from home, but I often feel unfocused because I am often distracted by work while homeschooling.  I want to be able to do school when it’s time to school and work when it’s time to work.  Not have one trump the other every time an emergency pops up.

2011 was the year of my awakening:

  1. I changed my thoughts on what constitutes business. 
  2. I had a revelation on how to help other people like me who want more freedom while still supporting their family. 
  3. I went to great lengths to create a product out of thoughts in my head and bring it to the marketplace. 
  4. I see potential in myself that I had never even thought about before.

Now, how will 2012 measure up?  I think it will be a year to refine my vision, expand my products, and blaze new trails. 

To help refine my vision I plan to read more.  Not necessarily your standard self-help books, but material that is in line with my life goals.  I have a vague idea of changes I want to make and goals I want to achieve, and the right books will help me clarify those thoughts.  I also intend to continue training, though not with my friend from last year.  I am looking at several local (as in U.S.) seminars and more online training.  Education should never stop, and the Internet makes it very accessible.

I have realigned my personal life to allow time to work on my new business.  Honestly, there isn’t a lot of extra time, no matter what I do, but a few hours a week is better than nothing.  When the pioneers started their westward journey on foot, they only walked a few miles a day.  Yes, it took them months to reach their destination, but they would not have gotten there at all without the first step.

The great thing about blazing new trails is that you don’t know exactly where you will end up until you get there.  Someplace is better than no place. 

What changes do you want to make and how do you plan to get there?


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