Lose It: Freezer Consolidation

I have a freezer problem.  I’m a compulsive freezer maniac.  I could sugar-coat it and say that I am preparing for Armageddon or a natural disaster or something equally life-threatening, but the truth is I’m a freezer pack rat.  Honestly, if there is some disaster that prevents me from getting to the store, we are unlikely to have electricity, so the food in the freezer will be wasted anyway. 

Now, that we’re moving into an apartment, and I will only have *gasp* ONE refrigerator/freezer, I have to come to terms with how and when and what to freeze.  My first course of action is to condense the current contents of my freezers (3 in all) down to one.  This may be a problem.  We are mostly enjoying my efforts, though.  I had 4 pie crusts and two boxes of puff pastry that were used in rare baked treats.  I have two containers of pumpkin that I plan to use for pumpkin pancakes and muffins…our favorites.  Some of the less desirable food was a half loaf of freezer-burned bread that I still tried to use.  Note to self: nothing hides the freezer burn taste.

I still have a few packages of Thanksgiving turkey and plan to try a turkey/wild rice soup.  Lots of frozen fruit means a few cobblers coming up.  A plethora of of homemade broth, so I’m using it instead of water in just about everything.  It’s healthy and adds extra flavor.

I might get it all down to fit in one freezer by the time we move next week.  My concern is how I will break the freezer habit.  Is there a support group for that? 


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