Meal Makeovers: Easy, Gourmet Sandwiches

One of my goals for this year is to makeover our meal regimine.  We are kind of stuck in a funk.  We like many of our recipes, but some I make just out of habit.  The leftovers from these invariably end up in the garbage.  I hate wasting food. 

One of my first goals, because our lifestyle is taking a sharp right hand turn due to selling our house and moving into smaller digs, is to find fun and yummy but less stress and prep recipes.  I’m going to kick off this series with sandwiches.

Sandwiches can be great or ultimately boring.  Of course, a couple of my kids could live on peanut butter and jelly.  Kinda hard to jazz that up.  On the other hand, meat and cheese has all kinds of possibilities.  I found this recipe on Pinterest(I LOVE that site). It was pinned from Beyer Beware. I’m so trying it this weekend.

The picture on her site is so much better than mine. iPhones don’t take the greatest pictures, but they’re handy.

I plan to pair it with a vegetable pasta salad to get more veggies in our diet. This is probably the only pasta salad recipe I like, and I got it from my friend Shelley at One Roast Vegetable. I use bow tie pasta and mix it with green beans, cherry tomatoes, Mozarella cheese, and any other crisp veggie I might have on hand, like asparagus. Like many pasta salads, it is mixed with mayonnaise, but this one is seasoned with basil and lemon juice. I think that’s what makes it more palatable for me.

This is going to make a quick and light meal for Sunday evening. I can hardly wait.


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