Mushrooms in the Morning

I scream. You scream. We all scream for mushrooms.  Doesn’t have quite the same ring, huh?  But I do love mushrooms, and that’s why I jumped a the chance to promote them during National Mushroom Month #Fall4Mushrooms.  Who knew there was such a thing?

How do I love mushrooms?  Let me count the ways!  First, for breakfast.  Why not get a jump start on all that Vitamin D early?  Of course, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and mushrooms make a great addition.  I put together a step-by-step tutorial for how I make my morning omelet, which I have almost every morning.  I seriously never get tired of them, though I do sometimes make other things to accommodate all the other people in my family who insist on eating breakfast every morning.

Step One: Gather your ingredients.


I like jalapenos, cherry tomatoes (grape tomatoes, in this case), cilantro, and avocado.  I used to throw in some spinach, but since my chronic kidney stone battle, I’ve given up several oxalate-rich foods.  Boo.  I sometimes add kale or leftover veggies, such as asparagus.  Whatever floats your boat.  It doesn’t have to have a kick.  You could do an Italian theme with basil, or a Mediterranian flair with artichokes.  Just throwing out some ideas for you.  It’s all good.

Step Two: Cut everything up.  In the case of the egg, crack it into a bowl and whisk.

veggies ready to go

I use kitchen scissors to cut up the cilantro.  You might notice the bits of cilantro left in the ramekin with the egg.  It will make it into the omelet one way or the other, and why dirty two bowls? Mushrooms are easy to cut up, so I buy them whole, rather than pay an extra 20 cents to buy precut mushrooms.  I think they stay fresh longer this way, too.

Step Three: Saute veggies in oil.  I use coconut oil.  It’s slightly higher in calories than some other oils, but it has proven anti-inflammatory properties, which I need.  In fact, I use coconut oil in a lot of things, but that’s for another post.  Put the veggies in the pan in order of what needs to cook the longest, starting with the jalapenos and mushrooms, in this case.

jalapenos and mushrooms

Then, add herbs and any greens.  They only need to wilt.  I put tomatoes in last because I don’t want them to be totally squishy.

tomatoes and greens

Step Four: Scramble the egg and pour over the veggies.  Tilt the pan to spread the egg evenly and include all the veggies.


Step Five: Turn down the heat and cook for just  a minute or two.  Using a spatula, fold in half and turn off the heat.  Let sit for a minute to finish cooking, then slide onto a plate.  I fold mine again to fit on a smaller plate.  That’s just me.

Step Six: Spread 1/2 diced avocado over the top.  Avocado is very yummy and also a healthy fat.

finished omelette

I can think of lots more ways to include mushrooms in meals, but this is a spectacular way to eat it at breakfast.

Look for a few more posts on mushrooms since, like I said, it’s National Mushroom Month.  Yumpee!  That’s a cross between yippee and yummy.


By posting a series of posts on mushrooms, I am eligible to win one $250 gift card grand prize or one of five $50 gift card runner-up prizes + a mushroom inspired apron!  This in no way alters my opinion of mushrooms.

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