My favorite breakfasts

I mentioned that we like old-fashioned oatmeal. I don’t exactly follow the directions on the box, so here’s my way. For myself, I put half a cup of oats in a bowl and cover with water…not nearly as much as the recipe calls for, so you can play with it according to your preference. I microwave for 2 minutes. I add a dash of salt, before or after cooking probably doesn’t make much difference. Then I add about 1/2 tsp of sugar and 1 tsp of butter. I pour in as much milk as I want to give it a cereal-like quality. Lastly, I grind up a tablespoon of flax seeds in a coffee grinder and add 1/4 cup frozen blueberries. Fresh are fine, too, of course.

Our weekend favorite is biscuits and sausage. Sister Schubert’s rolls got us started on this tradition for Sunday breakfast, but they’re expensive and not enough for our large family. So, I started buying a can of Grands biscuits, the buttermilk are my favorite, and a package of cocktail sausages. I quarter each biscuit and roll around a sausage. Stuff them in a heated (and oiled) cast iron skillet (or pie plate) and bake until brown at 400 degrees. My kids fight each other for these.

I often fix scrambled eggs, except for the aforementioned child who detests eggs. I would normally make her take a few bites, but I called a truce after she gagged and threw them up once. I didn’t much like cleaning that up.

Waffles freeze great, and so do homemade biscuits. I make good homemade biscuits, but my husband is pretty good, as well. So, I defer to him on biscuit making day. I’m such a submissive wife.

I like breakfast tacos with sausage, potatoes, and eggs. Alas, my children aren’t as crazy about them and usually dismantle the taco to pick out what they want to eat. So, why bother?

French toast is another favorite, and I like to jazz it up by using cinnamon bread. You can get a similar effect by adding cinnamon to the egg batter, but trust me the cinnamon bread really puts it over the top. My absolute favorite french toast bread is an artisan bread I buy about once a year at Homestead Heritage near Waco. It has dried apples, crystallized ginger, cinnamon, and walnuts, I think. It is divine as french toast.

One of my daughters is a blueberry fanatic, so I make blueberry muffins for her, though we all enjoy them. Now, I don’t use any of those nasty boxed mixes. AND I have the large muffin pan, so one muffin is a great meal with a glass of milk. My muffin recipe has oats and egg whites in it, so it’s quite healthy. I also use whole wheat pastry flour.

So, there are my breakfast faves. Share yours!

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