My FAVORITE Dessert Book Is On Sale

I might have mentioned that my all-time favorite brownie recipe can be found in Katie Kimball’s e-book, Smart Sweets: 30 Desserts to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth.  If you like sweets (who doesn’t?) but want to try to remain as healthy as possible while indulging the urge, Smart Sweets is the ticket.  The recipes in this book use less sugar and healthier (natural) sweeteners.  Flours include whole grains, soaked and sprouted grains.  Some  are even grain-free.  Katie gives tips on including probiotics and vegetables in dessert or snack recipes. Gotta hide those veggies in every chance you take, right?  Real food doesn’t have to be boring, and Smart Sweets will help you keep special occasions delicious without compromising a healthy diet.

smart_sweetsWhat’s even more exciting about Katie’s e-book is that she’s having a sale today and tomorrow. You can grab the Kindle-formatted version of Smart Sweets for 99 cents! You can’t beat that price with a stick!  So run, don’t walk, over to Amazon and buy your copy of Smart Sweets: 30 Desserts to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth.  Trust me.  It’s awesome.

This post is not sponsored by Katie Kimball at Kitchen Stewardship, but I will get a small commission if you purchase on Amazon from my link.


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