Need A Decent Juice Alternative? Try Pediasure Sidekicks

My kids sucked down these Pediasure Sidekicks.

If you have more than one child, you probably have a picky eater.  My general policy is you eat what I fix or go hungry.  I have one that would quite honestly go very hungry before she eats anything she doesn’t like.  And she doesn’t like much.  I haven’t changed my policy, but I try to arrange at least one good meal she likes each day and let her have healthy snacks, such as fruit and carrot sticks in the afternoon.

I think if you hold the party line, most children will grow out of the picky phase.  I read an article that it can take up to 20 times to form a taste for some foods.  I know that I like a lot more foods as an adult than I did as a child.  So, I continue to work with her on expanding her repertoire of food and do what I can to fit in healthy alternatives so she doesn’t get rickets or something.

One of the sponsors of the social media conference I went to last week was Pediasure.  When I visited their suite, I didn’t think they would have much that appealed to me.  I’m not a fan of bottled kids drinks.  Many have artifical flavors and dyes and are loaded with sugar.  I’d rather fix my own shakes with real food.

However, Pediasure does have a new product, the Pediasure Sidekicks.  The rep gave me four boxes to bring home for my kids to try, and the unanimous verdict was YUM!  There are two flavors, Wild Berry and Tropical Fruit, and they liked both of them.

Sidekicks are like juice boxes, without food dye or high fructose corn syrup.  The juice does have other sweeteners, but I think they are a reasonable alternative to the typical kids juice drinks.  I will definitely consider taking them with us when we have parties where my kids will want a juice box like everyone else.  It’s not something I will stock in the house because I think the cost will not fit my budget if bought routinely.  I also think there are healthier ways to fill in children’s nutritional gaps.

So, if you are tired of gagging over the typical juice drinks at kids’ parties, take a look at the Pediasure Sidekicks.  They taste great (according to my kids) and are a couple of steps up from Kool-Aid.

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