Old Standby Lunches

My 12 year old daughter is usually responsible for lunch, so our lunch menu reflects her rather easy-going personality.

What family doesn’t do sandwiches? I bake whole wheat bread, and sometimes I make sandwich buns. The kids love these and beg for them. I rarely use processed cheese and prefer real cheddar, or better yet, pepper jack. Real cheese counts as a dairy serving. Processed cheese does not. In fact, it may actually count as a minus serving, if there is such a thing. I also encourage lettuce, tomato and avocado slices. My picky-eater child loves the ole PBJ. I make my own jelly with Pomona Pectin, which requires less sugar to gel.

When we’re not doing sandwiches, our lunch picks are homemade macaroni and cheese, homemade bread rolls stuffed with hot dogs, ham and cheese, or Italian sausage and pizza sauce. I make these when I’m making bread and freeze a batch for lunches. Boy, is it handy. Leftovers are not the biggest hit, but I do include them as a lunch item when we need to clean out the fridge. The girls like to make mini-pizzas because each of them (except the baby) can make their own. We use canned biscuits or English muffins topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni and mozarella.

Those are our old standbys, and we rotate through them pretty quickly. This summer I’m going to search out new ideas and recipes for easy lunches. New isn’t something I do at the end of a school year. We’ve got our eyes on finishing the school year and just can’t think about much else.

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