Once a Week is Not Enough

Chores help my life run smoother. Otherwise, I resemble the character in If You Give a Moose a Muffin by wandering aimlessly through my day. Instead of reacting to every situation, a chore list gives me control of my responsibilities.

Some chores need to be done daily, like the dishes. Others only need to be done a few times a week. With seven people and two dogs in the house, I could sweep and mop three times a day, but I wouldn’t get much else done. So, I live with a little dirt and do it a few times a week. When one child sweeps, I mop. It just doesn’t work well the other way around.

Laundry. Big sigh. Thankfully, I don’t have to do laundry daily, but I do need to get a few loads in every other day or so to keep up. So, I typically do laundry Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I often have to work an extra load of towels in on Sunday, too. For as many towels as we go through, you’d think we’d be a lot cleaner. My older girls are assigned the task of separating clothes on laundry day. Even then, I find odd garments in the wrong pile. So, I try to sift through the clothes to make sure anything delicate isn’t thrown in with the jeans. I’ve cried too many times over a ruined new blouse shrunk by a careless laundry sorter (usually myself).

All things considered, my family does not have a large trash output. We cook from scratch mostly, therefore avoiding a lot of packaging. We recycle and compost. So, our large trash can is usually only about half full on trash day. That said, the small trash cans in the bathrooms still need to be emptied a few times a week. Since, I don’t make rounds to check them regularly, I just have two days a week that one of the younger children collects the cans, dumps them into a larger can, and takes them back to the assigned rooms. Dumping the compost from a small bowl under the sink into the large composter in the back yard is also a chore assigned every other day, unless there is something particularly stinky in there.

One of my (many) pet peeves is an empty toilet tissue holder.  So, to ensure that there should always be a roll available, I assigned a child to check the toilet tissue holder in each bathroom every other day and replace as needed.  In a perfect world, the person who uses the last of a roll should replace it.  That should be obvious.  You would think.

These are just a few of the chores we do several times a week. By scheduling and assigning them to a particular child or myself, I don’t forget them.

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