Online Cooking Class Helps Make Meal Planning Easy. And Its FREE!

My best cooking friend Shelley from is rebroadcasting her super popular cooking for the freezer class called Fresh From the Freezer: Healthy Meals for Busy People.

Two things you need to know.  The class started Tuesday (the first video is already up and ready for you to watch) … and it’s FREE.

Fresh From the Freezer

I know it’s hard to believe, but after more than 6 years of teaching cooking online, Shelley’s letting everyone take this Freezer class and there’s no charge. That’s zero dollars and zero cents!

This class is made up of short video lessons that you watch online, each one showing you step-by-step how to successfully use your freezer to help make meal preparation easy.

And even if you’ve just got a tiny fridge/freezer, this class is going to be a big help for you!  Shelley knows how to make every square inch count in a small freezer because she lives in Paris.  The city of impossibly tiny kitchens.

Karen writes: “I can’t wait for this class! I am very new to freezer cooking and can’t wait to learn more!! Hope there is a good response to the class and lots of videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us who cook for the family.”

and Wendy says: “I’m pregnant and found out about this class right as I’m beginning to stock our freezer for easy go to meals for after baby. Can’t wait to learn about how to make these tasty & successful. Thank you!”

Are You Ready? You can sign up here: Fresh From the Freezer Cooking Class


PS: I have taken this class, and I loved it.  I’m enrolling my 13 year old daughter in this one, so she can expand her cooking repertoire.  Trying to work myself out of a job.

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