Organize It Wednesday: Kitchen Storage

I find it helps to take a running start at most organizing projects. I usually have a tendancy to plan something to death before ever getting started on the actual project. Organizing is no different. I map out a strategy, supplies, goals, and on and on. In the meantime, the actual unorganized area just sits there getting more and more disheveled. So, my new strategy is just to jump in waist deep and start doing something.

There are several strategies to organizing.

1. Remove everything from the space, group, coordinate, and replace in a predetermined order.

2. Place yourself in the midst of the chaos and start rearranging as best you can.

3. Dump it all and refill it with new stuff.

On any given day, I might take one or all three of these approaches. For instance, my pantry and container storage cabinet are in dire need of organization. In my container cabinet, I’ll remove it all, dump some of it, pair the pieces, and replace in order. Since my children can’t reach this cabinet, it stands a fair chance of staying organized for a few weeks.

My pantry is another story. I’ll need to remove it all, wipe down the shelves (how does honey always find a way out of a closed, otherwise clean container?), group like items, and repack it. Fun, fun. My goals in organizing my pantry are to dump out of date stuff, find a few lost items, and replace everything in a way which will facilitate easy access. This will, in turn, facilitate eaiser meal perparation. I can dream, can’t I.

I’ll be transparent here and give you a before and after shot. Stay tuned.


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