Picturing a Life With Five Girls

A lot of people ask what it’s like with five girls. They are probably thinking endless tea parties, giggling sleepovers, and sweet smiles and kisses. We have some of those, but don’t forget sharing a bathroom, fighting over dolls and clothes, and dramatic bedtime rituals. Life with five girls is fun and chaotic. Sweet and loud, VERY loud. Sassy and downright smart alec. Never boring. Always a blessing.

For today, I’m just posting pictures. It’s not as easy as you think to get all five in one picture. Forget everyone looking at the camera at the same time, and for sure someone is going to have a goofy look on their face. Such is life with five girls.

There is always room for one more. Welcoming #5 to the group.

Trying to get a group picture is not that easy when no one wants to touch.

At the zoo, we give the monkeys a run for their money.

Posing is the pits after a long morning of touring the state capitol.

The wind doesn’t help when everyone won’t look at the camera at the same time.

On the bright side, there is always a ready playmate at the playground.

Santa might not have room on his lap for everyone, but Christmas isn’t about Santa, anyway.

Sitting by the creek throwing rocks is fun, unless someone falls in.

What do sisters and dinosaurs have in common? History.

Sisters are friends forever, but there is always room for one more friend.

No angels here, but they bring a smile to the residents at the assisted living home.

The Japenese Garden isn’t quite as tranquil with us running through, but we add a little color.

You might have to share a bowl of ice cream, but you get to eat it on the floor.

Best of all, a dad well-loved.

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One thought on “Picturing a Life With Five Girls

  1. Are you kidding me?! I love girls, so looking forward to having one, me and three, no four boys?! I would like to have a girl and a doll to play with soon. I love your pictures, thanks for sharing. Have a super blessed day! Love
    Visiting from Picture Perfect.