Resolution Monday: Taking Time to Plan Life

We are in the midst of selling our house. We have decided to rent an apartment for a year while we decide what and where our next long-term housing will be. We want to build on some land we own and develop a more self-sufficient lifestyle. That’s a huge commitment, and we want to make sure it’s the best choice for us. It will require a significant dedication to un-ending projects and a major lifestyle shift. Before we make that commitment, we are taking some time to live a life of relative leisure.

We, or rather I, settled on the apartment for several reasons.

  • We have had three years of seemingly back-to-back crises. Numerous house repairs (some more than once), illnesses, family problems, financial ups and downs, and increasing job responsibilities. To shove off the house upkeep to someone else sounds pretty dreamy.
  • My dad’s assisted living is right next door to the apartment complex we have chosen. Quite convenient for both of us.
  • I’m a terrible home-body. I honestly could be content never leaving the house for days and days. I’m not agoraphobic (where you’re scared of public places), I just like to putter around the house a lot. By forcing myself out of my comfort zone, I hope to become more outdoor oriented. The apartment will be smaller, so we will need to take walks just to keep from breathing each other’s air too much.
  • Related to the last point, I always have grand plans of taking the kids swimming once a week through the summer. We’re lucky if we go twice a summer. This summer will be different. We have a huge lagoon-type pool in the complex. In short, I want a fun summer before we make the final decision to begin building a new house. Sure, we have a couple of water tanks on our property, but I wouldn’t dip my little toe in one, much less let my kids near them.

A place to live is a justified need. Where you live is sometimes chosen by circumstances and sometimes by careful planning. We’re doing a little of both right now and getting a little bit of want with a lot of need. In a year or so, we plan to have our head on straight, or as straight as we can, and a clear vision for where we go next.

Have you ever stepped back to plan the next step forward?


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