Round Three (or Four) of Lessening Our Load

I made a resolution in January to lose stuff.  I made progress for a while, particularly when our house sold and we were forced to get rid of quite a bit of stuff, none of which I can recall now.  However, we still filled two large storage units.  One at our land and one in a temperature-controlled facility.  If you count the boxes of photos and the curio cabinet at my dad’s apartment, we actually have three storages.

I’m not sure where all the stuff we got rid of actually lived.  How can we cut our living and storage space in half and still have so much?  It boggles the mind.

When we moved to this apartment, we assumed we would be well  on our way to building a house on our land by this time.  We were wrong.  We investigated several options for housing.  We weren’t looking to build a designer home, after all, but as we began to look at real options, nothing fit.  We moved the puzzle pieces around a few times and considered a lot of what-ifs, but the picture never became clear.  So, we’re no closer to moving out of our temporary housing now than we were in February.

I won’t lie and tell you that I don’t feel a bit desperate.  I’m not good at waiting, and it appears that God is going to drive this point home with me.

Do any of your rooms look like this?


So, after some discussion we decided we needed to reduce our stuff down to one storage unit (plus my dad’s apartment closet).  We talked about what we still had and how we could get rid of it.  The big items we are looking to jettison include a lot of Christmas decorations.  We do personalized ornaments for all the kids each year, plus we have some of my parents’, well really my mother’s, decorations.  Those are extremely sentimental and someday we’ll pass those along to our grown daughters…but not for a LONG time.  But the lights, the artificial tree, the garlands, and all the other baubles and beads are going to find a new home.  If I recall correctly, we had eight to nine large bins of decorations, at least four of which will be donated or sold at a garage sale.  That’s a start.

The next big thing is a huge lateral file cabinet that I got for free when one of my clients moved and didn’t need it at their new office.  It was handy to use for storage of school books, craft supplies, and all our paperwork.  However, I think it will be less bulky and easier to transport if we move the paperwork to a plastic file tote and pare down the craft and school supplies.

Finally, we have one or two pieces of furniture that we might as well part with rather than pay to store.  If and when we need it in the future, we can always buy another one.

So, here goes round three (or four) of reducing our material possessions.  We’ll probably find more once we start sifting through all our stuff again.  De-junking is really a process, and one which isn’t likely to end anytime soon.

I am looking forward to eventually having all my extra stuff in one place and hopefully organized in such a way as to be able to find something when we need it.  My husband did most of the moving, and he did a good job of getting it all to fit.  Organizing it, not so much.

If you’re interested in de-cluttering and don’t know where to start, my friend Lorilee Lippencott is releasing a book, Simple Living: 30 Days to Less Stuff & More Life, next week.  It’s 30 easy steps to moving from overwhelm to more control of your life.  I’ve read about half the book and really like it.  I’ll post a review when I’m done and give you the link to purchase.  For now, you can check her site at Loving Simple Living.

What will you do to start taming the clutter?



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