Second Income Opportunity

So, I’ve heard of this Swagbucks thing, and not that I’m a pessimist, but I was pessimistic. Now that I’m pulling out all the stops for extra income, I decided to take the plunge and try it out. It’s easy enough.

First you sign up. Now, before you get all weird about giving out your email, you have to consider all the places that already have your email address. If you’re going to get spammed, it’s not going to be from Swagbucks. It’s probably from the comment you left on some blog that, oh by the way, required an email address. I’ve been a member for a whole 24 hours and haven’t gotten spammed yet. Just one informational email to help me make the most of the program.

Second, you install a toolbar in your Internet Explorer…I assume they have similar ones for Firefox and Chrome, or whatever your browser of choice is. I’m not a fan of toolbars, but this one is fairly simple and easily optimized. Many toolbars are not.

Third, use the search feature in the toolbar to search. I admit, I like Google better, but Google doesn’t pay me for my searches. Swagbucks does. It’s a little like a bingo spinner because you don’t get points every time you search, but I’ve accumulated more than 30 points in just a few hours of online time. Okay, so I made up some searches just to get points. The newness will wear off, but I do a lot of searches for work in real life. So, legitimate points will add up pretty fast, too. There is even an app that lets you search and earn bucks on your smartphone. Yes, I did that too.

There’s another dozen or so ways to earn points which I will probably not do, such as playing games, watching infomercials, though there are some Rachel Ray episodes I might watch once in a while, and, of course, inviting friends to join (what’s an income opportunity without a pyramide scheme thrown in?).

That’s where you come in. Click my Swagbucks button on the right and join as my referral.

So, what do you win? SB has a store in which you can redeem your points for good stuff…no green stamps here (did I just give away my age?). My friends’ favorite prize seem to be Amazon gift cards. 450 points equals a $5 Amazon gift card. Once you get the hang of searching with the toolbar and get every breathing person you know to sign up under you, then those gifts cards should start rolling in. There are gift cards for other stores, as well.

So, that’s my push. What are you waiting for? Click the Swagbucks button NOW!!


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