Simple Computer Advice IS Available

Need some down-to-earth computer advice?  Someone who can talk plain English and not leave your eyes glazed over?  Have I got a friend who can help you!  Her name is me!  I mean, Georganne.  You know, ME! 

I have another website, HelpMeTechServices, which dishes real-life advice for computer newbies, especially those who are work-at-homers.  I post regular tech tips on a blog.  If you sign up for these tech tips, I’ll throw in a F’REE tech tips page that answers some common computer questions. 

And if that’s not enough, I have an e-book, What’s WHAT With Computers?!?, an easy read of great computer advice, particularly if you are trying to decide what you want to buy.  Don’t step foot into a computer store before reading my book.  It will prepare you for the feeding frenzy those computer sales people will try by throwing all kinds of techy terms at you.  I give you the real scoop on what is absolutely necessary (like a hard drive), what’s nice (like a DVD burner), and what’s probably frivolous (like a quad-monitor card with a touch screen). 

Seriously, if you think computer shopping is almost as bad as car shopping, read my book.  It will help you plan your purchase intelligently and give you the knowledge to decipher the sales jargon.

And leave me a note on the blog, so I know someone is out there.


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