Summer Passed Me By!

Well, here it is August, and summer has just plum passed me by. We had a death in the family mid-June, which really took the wind out of our sails. We also switched into overdrive getting our house ready to sell, hoping that if we put it up for sell before school starts that we would get more interest because we are a few blocks from a school. No such luck so far.

I believe I said that my four goals for the summer were to complete projects, have some planned family fun, volunteer to help someone, and mentor my children. How did I do? Wellll, I did a little here and a little there.

1. I finished a long list of projects for the house, which involved a LOT of painting, cleaning, repairs and decluttering.

So, I’d say my project list is in pretty good shape. Grade: A+

2. We have had a distinctly hot and dry summer. While a weekly pool day would have been heavenly, we have only gone three times. Since all the pools in our area charge an entrance fee, that adds up pretty quickly. With a lot of little ones, I steer clear of the pools that don’t have a nice toddler wading area. I can’t physically keep up with everyone otherwise. Sprinkler parks are the bomb for me, but aren’t as much fun for my oldest daughters. However a new one near us is very nice, and she enjoyed playing with some friends while the babies played in the water that wasn’t more than ankle deep. We’re going back there before we start school in a few weeks.

We could have done more in the fun department, but life didn’t cooperate as much. Grade: B

3. We had a great plan for visiting my mother’s nursing home and playing the piano for the residents. That didn’t work out as planned. We also wanted to spend some time with a friend who is in a wheelchair to encourage her.. I had to cancel one date with her due to a funeral and never made it up. I’m such a slug.

I failed miserably in the volunteering goal. Grade: F

4. On a brighter note, I have spent a lot of time mentoring my children this summer. The challenges we faced brought a lot of issues to the surface which we talked and prayed through…over and over and over. We were able to squeeze in a couple of cooking classes, which are fun and practical. I had hoped to do a Bible study this summer. I have several downloaded studies on various topics like the 10 Commandments and Abraham’s family tree. I thought these would be fun with a craft project.

Again, I did not do as much here as I had hoped. Grade: C

So, I didn’t exactly make the honor roll this summer, but thankfully God’s mercies are new every morning.

How was your summer? Did you make plans or let life happen?

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