Take 12 Steps in 2015 to Improve Your Health

Next year is in, like, five days. Seriously? How does time move that fast? I feel like I just started getting some traction on 2014 when suddenly 2015 is knocking on my door.

I know I’m not finished with my goals from 2014. How about you? My goals really were not that difficult, but life certainly gets in the way of accomplishing much most days. Can I get a witness?

So, for 2015 I’m going to approach my life changes a little differently. I’m going on the offense instead of the defense. With so many people to herd along and so many responsibilities to meet, the two rarely peacefully coexist. I mean, when my dad calls and can’t walk, I have to drop what’s going on and take him to the hospital. When my daughter throws up for days and endures endless stomach pain, I have to schedule doctor appointments and tests to find out what is wrong. When I have a kidney stone, I come to a dead stop. Unfortunately, nothing around me stops.

That’s life, and that’s why my goals move at the pace of a snail. But they move, and I’ll carry some of them over into 2015.  That’s okay, too, because most goals are not for a one-time accomplishment. I mean, I’m never going to make a resolution to visit six continents in one year. It would be doomed to failure for a number of reasons. Instead, I make goals that are lifestyle choices. Let’s break this bad habit and start a good one to replace it. Let’s plan for this accomplishment at some point in the future by taking these steps this year. I don’t have to know exactly when I’m going to visit the four remaining continents, but what can I do this year to aid me in that life goal?

One way I’m going on the offense is to take one step each month to boost my goals for the year. Then, by the end of the year, I will have made 12 solid steps toward accomplishing my goal. My plan is to post my monthly step at the beginning of each month so we can all do this together. You might not have the exact goal I have, but we can still plan this walk together.

My number one goal, as it has been for the past several years, is to improve my health. I’ve made a lot of progress, though most of it is not necessarily outwardly visible. I don’t look ten years younger, for instance. Ha! BUT, I eat healthier. I clean with fewer chemicals. I use non-toxic personal care products. I’ve had some success with gardening. And I’m more physically active than I was six years ago. When I look back that far, I see that I’ve come quite a way.

What is your healthy goal(s) for 2015? Having trouble deciding? Don’t know where to start? Well, I just got word this week that a fabulous offer is open for just two days next week. It’s called the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. No matter what your healthy goal is, you’re bound to find some invaluable information in this bundle, which includes more than 50 e-books (valued at $875), seven online courses (valued at $145), and even seven bonuses (valued at $140). And what do you think all that costs? Less than $30! Unbelievable!!

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You have to see it to believe it. So, check out the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle and be ready to snatch it up Monday, December 29, when it goes on sale for JUST 2 DAYS!! Yep, the sale ends Tuesday, December 30, at 11:59 EST. And, I don’t mean you can get the bundle later for a different price. I mean, it won’t be available AT ALL after Tuesday. Yikes!!

Surely, you can find at least one (or ten) idea for improving your health in 2015. So, don’t miss the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. It’s a crazy good deal.

Then, join me Thursday, January 1, to jump in with both feet to tackle our healthy goals for 2015 because even a snail eventually gets somewhere if he just keeps going.


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2 thoughts on “Take 12 Steps in 2015 to Improve Your Health

  1. Hi Georganne ~ I view life in seasons, you are in one of the busiest seasons of your life, so don’t set yourself up for failure, set yourself up for success!

    Also, I feel like I am being spammed by some of the paleo people, I love the information they offer and I want them to be successful and earn a living, but I’m not sure who to believe if any of it??? Its a lot! I have blocked 1 set of paleo guys. I need to know how to sort out all the info??? Thanks j

    • Trying to read any of the diet mantra is like information overload. Quite frankly, I don’t believe anyone has all the answers. I’m taking a more balanced approach to reforming my health. Using truth from each of the camps to put together a healthy diet and refining my habits to reflect my goals. Everything doesn’t require a food treat, ya know?! Also, you just can’t do it all at once. Trying to totally overhaul everything is setting yourself up for failure. Take a few things at once and make real lasting changes. Join my 12-Step 2015 Healthy Challenge, and learn practical and realistic changes that will begin the journey to better health. No spam, I promise.