When You’re Ready to Stop, Keep Your Eyes on the End Goal

Don't let a slow pace discourage you from finishing the journey

Why do you do what you do? When you’re in the middle of most anything that requires a prolonged effort or attention span, you tend to doze off or look for ways to bail out. The excitement of beginning a new venture or life change dims, while the end goal is still too far away.

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who loses interest when things aren’t going my way. As I’m writing this post, I decided my keyboard needed cleaning, for instance. Something like cleaning or organizing provides an immediate gratification and tangible result that working on a long-term project with an uncertain outcome does not.

In a marathon, the end goal is the finish line.

In a marathon, the end goal is the finish line. Keep your eyes focused.

So, it helps at times like these (and I use that in the plural because doubts and boredom don’t stop by for coffee; they like to take up residence) to revisit the reasons why you’re on an expedition to do something new or change something old. Remember how bad it was to be stuck in a rut and how good it will be to plow a new path.

When we started the 12 Steps to a Healthier You Journey, I identified five key markers for success.

  1. Feel rested after a full night’s sleep (7-8 hours). Feeling groggy and grumpy, stiff and sore, or tired and depressed are not the way normal mornings should be. Restorative sleep can make a huge difference in our health.
  2. Eliminate the need for anti-inflammatory, pain control, or other medications. Masking the symptoms of bigger health problems doesn’t fix anything. In fact, the side effects of many medications only complicate the underlying problem.
  3. Improve flexibility and core strength. These two really sneak up on you and can undermine an active life.
  4. Energize my diet. I still love good food. Who doesn’t? But I don’t enjoy the accompanying bloat, sugar crashes, and food reactions. We can enjoy good food that supports our health goals and fuels our energy.
  5. Enjoy life. People with chronic and weight-related illnesses often suffer from depression. Physical health can improve mental health, and vice versa.

We’ve only taken three steps on this journey (which isn’t quite halfway to 12, of course), and it may seem like those three changes won’t add up to much, but I promise they will if you keep practicing those habits while you develop the next nine.

Step 1: Drink More Water
Control cravings

Step 2: Improve Flexibility
    Stretch out the kinks

Step 3: Stand Up Straight
    Defy the effects of aging

I just want to take this time to encourage you to not lose sight of the end goal.

Only you can make a difference in your overall health, and these twelve steps will put you on the path to regaining an active lifestyle that you can enjoy with your family.

Tell me in the comments how you’re doing. Let me encourage you where you’re struggling and cheer you on where you’re winning.


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