The end of our dance era…but the beginning of something else.

In honor of dance classes starting this week, I’m posting our pictures of what may be our last dance recital.  Since our move to the country, it quickly became abundantly clear that we could not drive an hour each way two to three days a week for dance classes.  This decision was met with mixed emotions, but the main emotion was disappointment and crying.  Lots of crying.  Well, except for Emma.  Dance was not her cup of tea.  We will miss our friends and especially Miss Michelle, the owner of The Dance Works.  They’re all like family.  Well, wouldn’t you be family if you saw someone that often for eleven years?  If you’re in Round Rock, TX, and looking for the best little dance studio in the world, check out The Dance Works. Tell them we sent you.  They know us well.  Very well. 

 Ok, so Emma wasn’t exactly thrilled about dance. She loved the class, but the tights? Not so much.

The recital? Not at all. She was the kid crying on stage. Oh well, always one who has to be different.

Isabel took three classes (tap, ballet, contemporary) and taught two preschool classes this past year. This was her tenth year of dance, and she bawled her eyes out after the recital. God knows the plans He has for her.

Olivia enjoyed ballet, too. Of course, she never has a problem entertaining people.


Alyssa enjoyed eight years of ballet. Tap gave her a headache.




All the girls (and Dad) posing with Miss Michelle.  Amelia doesn’t know what she’s missed.  She’s the only one who never took dance.

We are not ruling out the possibility that another door for dance may open, but for this year we’re concentrating on settling into a new life in the country.  Dance has taught our girls grace and confidence.  We were very blessed to have some wonderful, kind-hearted teachers that encouraged our girls’ talents and efforts.  Ok, I have to go.  I might cry.



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