When Science Experiments Go Awry

I have proof that you can mess up jello. Who knew?

So, I blogged about how you could jazz up science with experiments and how I was going to really hop on that band wagon this year.  Our first hands on anatomy project was to make a jello cell.  Sounded easy enough.  Make jello, stick some different candies in to represent ribosomes, Golgi bodies, mitochondria, etc., and plop it out on a plate.  Yeah, well, not exactly.

My first mistake was apparently thinking that olive oil would substitute for Pam when oiling the bowl.  It didn’t.

My second mistake was thinking the jello would set quickly.  It didn’t.

So, we lost our window of opportunity on Friday and didn’t get back to the jello until Monday.  By then, it was showing signs of distress.

We pressed forward and started sticking our candies in, reviewing the role of each as we went.  By this time the jello had set to such a degree, that it kept expelling the candies.  That dern mitochondria peanut M&M wouldn’t stay in the jello for anything, and then the dye that “melts in your mouth, not in your hand” started running everywhere.

Finally, I just stuck the rest of the candies in and tried to turn it over quickly to get it over with.  That’s when things went really bad.  The jello wouldn’t budge.  So, I ran a knife around the edges and tried again.  That’s when the middle came out, leaving the sides glued to the bowl, and spilling the guts of my cell all over the plate.

It looks like it’s been demolecularized by a Men In Black weapon.

I hope our mummified apple turns out better.


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