30 Days of Thankfulness, All Rolled Into One

I tried blogging for 30 days with a thankful post each day last year.  I failed.  So, to make it easier on everyone, especially me, I just waited until the end of the month and did it all at once.

pumpkin1Hear ye, hear ye. Let it be known that I am hereby thankful for the following items in no particular order:

  1. My gracious and righteous God and Savior. Okay, so He really does belong at the top.
  2. My hunky and funny husband. He is my best friend and a perfect companion for my off-center personality.  He makes me laugh.  He is loyal, kind, dedicated, hard-working.  A great dad.  A great husband.  A rare breed.  So far, this is shaping up to be in order, but just wait.
  3. My sweet and crazy daughters.  One day I’ll teach their children all their bad habits.  Payback.  You might want to look that one up, girls.
  4. A business that allows me to work part-time (mostly).  It helps fill in the budget cracks, though the government seems intent on causing new cracks faster than I can fill them in.
  5. Our new home.  It’s a long haul to “the big city,” but we love the peace here and the room to spread out.
  6. Our land.  We worked and saved and worked some more for our piece of country.  We have a lot more work to do, but it’s still a blessing.
  7. Our health.  Several of us, me in particular, have had some health challenges over the last few years.  Let’s just say we’ve exceeded our deductible five years running.  But we are all in generally good health.  My heart breaks with many friends and family who can’t say that.
  8. Our one good vehicle.  Our van has gone to the junkyard in the sky, but we still have a truck that seats all five kids and one adult.  It would be easy to obsess (me, obsess?) about getting another vehicle, but I choose to be grateful for what we have.
  9. My dad.  He’s 81 and took on the challenge of a 12 day trip to Europe to see his uncle’s grave.  Pretty plucky, that guy.
  10. Our family.  A few fight over who is the crazy relative in the attic, but overall we have good family on both sides.
  11. The privilege of living in a free country, at least as long as it lasts.
  12. The food on our table, the clothes on our back, and the roof over our heads, as my 4 year old likes to pray.  We are indeed blessed with enough.
  13. Technology.  This is a double-edged sword.  I like easily keeping in touch with friends and family far and wide, but it lets it be too easy for that connection to be somewhat impersonal.
  14. The freedom and ability to homeschool and raise my children in the convictions of my faith.  They are not someone else’s responsibility.  They are mine.
  15. Friends that make me laugh, cry, and love.  I have some I’ve known since childhood and some I’ve only recently met.  I have some in my mature age-set and some young enough to be my children.  Some that cheer me on.  Some that listen to me.  Some that tell me when I’m wrong.  It’s good to have friends.
  16. The ability to travel.  I don’t know why I never went anywhere when I could without disrupting life so much, but I am thankful for the opportunity to travel some now.  I’ve visited six countries on two continents, and I have more on my “bucket list.”
  17. Medical care.  Like I said, I’ve had a few brushes with health problems, and I’m glad I have access to medical care, expensive as it is.
  18. Chocolate.  No explanation needed.
  19. Coffee.  See #18.
  20. Online shopping.  Now that we live so far from real shopping, Wal-Mart doesn’t count, I’m on pretty friendly terms with FedEx and UPS.  Amazon Prime rocks.
  21. Grocery stores.  We are 25 miles from the nearest decent grocery store, and I have to plan a monthly Sprouts/Whole Foods/Natural Grocers run “in the big city” for special stuff.  I’m not exactly in the Outback, but I appreciate a good grocery store more than I ever thought possible.
  22. Netflix.  A movie night is a good thing at our house.
  23. Popcorn.  See #22.
  24. My husband’s job.  It pays the bills.  We like paying the bills, or maybe it should read, we like being able to pay the bills.  We don’t really like bills.
  25. The freedom to worship, attend church, own a Bible, or multiple Bibles.  It’s a blessing we take for granted.  North Korea doesn’t quite see it that way.
  26. Fun and laughter.  We like having fun and laughing.  It’s our best gift.  You might want some earplugs if you spend very much time with us.
  27. Books.  I like the convenience of reading on my Kindle, when I can pry it from my kids’ hands, but I still like an old-fashioned book with a binding and pages.  It’s soothing to the soul.
  28. Seasons.  Each season has a unique purpose.  In Texas, fall and winter deliver us from the heat of summer for a few days here and there.  Spring is delightful with flowers and butterflies and allergies.
  29. People who are different.  I like a few people who are like me, so I don’t feel so weird.  But I like people who are different, too.  Different color.  Different culture.  Different talents.  Different convictions.  Different isn’t bad.
  30. The ability to be grateful.  I don’t think gratefulness is wired in some people’s DNA.  They test my soul.
  31. November.  Bonus point.  I like November.

There are my 30 31 days of thankfulness.  Life doesn’t have to be perfect to find something, usually lots of things, for which to be thankful.  Try it.  It will lift your spirits.

Share one thing for which you’re thankful now.



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