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I’ve been quiet again, but that rarely means I’m idle. In fact, it usually means I’m up to my eyeballs in something, often more than one or two something’s. This time is no different.

As I’ve passed the halfway point of the 12 Steps to a Healthier You, I began to think of how to spin this series off into it’s own entity. I plan to eventually combine the blog posts into an e-book, and I don’t want it to get swallowed up in MomToManyGirls. In fact, I’d like to take MTMG in a different direction, as well. So, I pondered for some time about what to do.

And then, as often happens, my decision was made for me. My web host, GoDaddy, moved my site to a different hosting plan that was supposed to be better. Always be wary when someone oversells a change in status, though I understand the need for change. In this case, they were discontinuing the plan I had been on and rolling out a new plan. They were helpful in getting the new site started and all the contents of my old site moved. For that, I was grateful. While, I am technically inclined, this wasn’t something I do all the time. Help never hurts.

After the move, I had problems loading new images. Turns out the image library folder was locked, which meant nothing new could be added. That’s normally an easy fix, so I looked for the login to what’s called the “back end” where you can see all the folders. It’s about a 2 second fix to change the permissions on the folder to allow editing. But the newer and better plan didn’t have a back-end login. I called technical support, and nope that’s not part of my plan, but I can upgrade for an additional $150 or thereabout. Or, I can let them fix it for me for a minor $80. I’m telling you, I know how long this fix takes. I can do it quite easily on my own. Therefore, I am not, I repeat, NOT, agreeable to paying anything to fix a problem that occurred during a move they made me do.

That decision left me at a loss for several weeks while I tried to decide what to do. Christmas and a month-long cycle of flu and colds among my family didn’t give me much time to really work out the details, but I’ve finally come to the conclusion to proceed with moving the 12 Steps to a Healthier You to a dedicated site, called The site is still in the building stages, but I should have a rough form of it up in a week or two.

MomToManyGirls will stay where it is for now, and this summer will likely move to another host, as well.

So, please don’t give up on me. I’m still here. I’m going to finish the series and roll out a book. I want to be the voice of common sense and encouragement in the healthy lifestyle field, especially for middle-aged moms who are suddenly faced with a body that doesn’t adapt or respond to diets and exercise like it once did.

Watch for more announcements and exciting improvements in January. I so appreciate your support.


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