Being in Charge vs. Being Charged

It’s pretty common these days to feel driven by life instead of being in the driver’s seat.  I might not mind being Miss Daisy if someone like Morgan Freeman were my driver, but alas my problem lies with over-commitment, not age.  I have been a big fan of scheduling since I started homeschooling eight years ago.  It has saved my sanity and kept me on track.  But now I am feeling bombarded from every direction all at the same time!

Rather than micro-schedule every 15 minutes, I use a block schedule.  Morning routines, such as dressing and breakfast, have to be completed by 9 a.m.  Now that I have a teenager in the house, she’s really pushing that 9 a.m. deadline.  You might know that computers have no personal sense of time, and it is not uncommon to have two or three clients call me simultaneously with a problem to be solved right away.  Every pushback from someone or something causes my schedule to lag, and by the end of the day, well let’s just say things are not on course.  I am setting two boundaries to start correcting my careening schedule. 

First, I am getting up on time.  That might seem logical, but nothing is as it seems.  The stress of being overwhelmed makes me want to pull the covers over my head some mornings, but I am forcing myself up by 6:30 to get a jump on things before the children start rolling out of bed.  I think as I start feeling more comfortable, I will even be able to get up by 6, which is my previous waking time.  I lost that habit during a bout of illnesses during the holidays, and am just now starting to feel like I’m caught up on sleep.  Of course, we’re in the midst of cold season, so that could all change.

Second, I am going to bed by 10 p.m.  Late night work sessions are sometimes necessary, but since I’m not a natural night owl, staying up too late makes me feel more out of control.  I keep thinking if I get one more thing done, then tomorrow will be better.  But it isn’t, because I’m tired from going to bed too late.  So, a set bedtime is my answer.  What’s been done is done, and tomorrow is another day.

Early to rise and early to bed bookends my day.  Now, to work on that middle part.

How do you organize your day?


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