Teaching Teens Online Manners

Or how to bang your head against a wall

Teenagers have an uncanny ability to tune out their parents calling them for chores, but they can hear the blip of their phone’s text alert in the other room. They develop sudden amnesia when homework is due but can follow a complicated digital conversation among eight people for hours. Face to face communication is virtually […]

Identifying and Finding the Type of Work That’s Right for You

If you, as a homeschool mom, find yourself in the position to need some extra income, there are many factors to consider.  I discuss some of them in Can You Work AND Homeschool I Do and Four Principles of A Family-Friendly Job. What can you do without joining or rejoining the workforce full time or permanently? These […]

Four Principles of a Family-Friendly Job

When I worked full time in the corporate world, I was blessed to work for a company that was family friendly in almost every sense of the term. Most everyone in our 30-person office was married. Most of our outside staff were also family men and women. We had company parties that included spouses and […]

Can You Work AND Homeschool? I Do

It’s tough getting by on one income. Like tight with a capital T. I quit working full time when I was pregnant with my second child, the week after I finished my MBA. Great timing? We thought we were in pretty good shape. No debt, except the mortgage. A little savings. A budget. Boy, were […]

Testing My Resolution to Do Less

I expounded on my resolution to do less this year instead of more, but I have met my first resistance. The decision to re-up for another year of homeschool co-op looms on our horizon.  I thought I had a pretty good case to not return when I examined a few realistic facts. Fact #1: Expenses […]

Faith Isn’t A Formula. Teach It In Real Life.

Is there such a thing as teaching faith to children? I mean faith is one of those things you really have to experience to get good at. Sure an infant has “faith” that someone will feed him, especially if he cries loud enough. A toddler has “faith” that a parent is going to snatch him […]

Add the Good Food, and You Won’t Miss the Bad

I’ve said it again and again and again.  Diets are a drag.  Boring.  Torture disguised as some sort of food penance.  I like to read about them and then take great satisfaction in never doing them.  That is, if we’re talking about diets that center around one principle, such as a certain food,  institute an […]

Not Normal #2: Do Less, Not More

I am a habitual over-committer.  I can always find more to do until I make the Mad Hatter look like he’s on tranquilizers. Of course, when you look at just my normal life, you would think I have a reason to be busy.  I mean, I have five kids.  Just keeping them all alive is […]

Lavender Essential Oil: Heavenly Helper, Plus Two New Ones to Try

I mentioned that one of my new alternative health treatments is essential oils.  I have three favorites that I plan to never be without, and I’m trying a few more as I can.  I’ll try to review them here, so you know what I’m using and how it works. My three favorite oils are lavender, […]

Mid-Year Homeschool Update…Just Keep Swimming

We jumped back into school today with renewed vigor and determination.  Yeah, right.  Well, my kindergartner did, anyway.  I heard her screaming because her older sister said she was going to get her books ready.  The K-child flew into a rage demanding to go first.  Why couldn’t they all have her desire to “do school”?  […]