Kids Cooking is the BEST Gift Ever

Our family prefers experience gifts to knick-knacks. There are tons of ideas for fun, but why not pair an experience with some good old-fashioned life skills, like kids cooking? When my oldest daughter was about 11, I signed her up for an online cooking class. Every week we watched a video together, printed out the […]

FREE E-Guide: 4 Steps to Your Healthiest Year

Are you thinking ahead to what kind of healthy changes you want to make in 2015? I know I pick one or two things each year that I want to improve or habits I want to break. It really does work to write down your goals and outline a few action steps to take. Otherwise, it’s one of a hundred ideas that float out of my mind in a minute or two.

To help kick off your New Year’s Health Goals, I recommend a free e-guide, 4 Steps to Your Healthiest Year from The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle people, to help you get started. The UHLB sale was a huge success in September, but they’re going to open it again for TWO DAYS ONLY next week. It’s a fantastic bundle of e-books and tools to help you get on track to a healthy lifestyle.

So, click the link now to get your free e-guide 4 Steps to Your Healthiest Year and jumpstart a New Year and a New You.

I’ll send out a special memo as soon as they announce the days of the sale for the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. Believe me. You don’t want to miss it!!


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Think Twice Before You Add a Dash of Salt to Your Food

Holidays are just about synonymous with crazy eating.  Big meals.  Lots of desserts.  Snacks on every corner.  If you didn’t resist that eating frenzy, don’t feel bad.  Now, it’s time to do something about it.  And I’m not talking about the typical New Year’s resolution to lose 100 pounds and never eat sugar again.  Yeah, […]

Get Your FREE Computer Tip Sheet

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Gluten-Free! What the Heck?

If you’ve lived anywhere but under a rock, you’ve heard the health craze called gluten-free. You might think it’s all about bread, but gluten is found, or hidden, in many things. Whether you think it’s hype or not, you probably have a friend or two who is trying out this gluten-free fad.  If you’re inviting […]

Need Help With Eating Real Food? Try A Healthy E-Cookbook

I love books. Almost any kind of book. Fiction. Non-fiction. Biography. Historical. Classical. Mystery. Most self-improvement (there are some wackos out there, though). Funny. Adventurous. Even cookbooks. Especially cookbooks. Nothing will replace the feel and smell of a real hardbound novel, but I like electronic cookbooks. It seems so much more efficient to search and bookmark […]

When Pinterest Goes Wrong, You’re Not A Loser

Has anyone ever wondered about the people who pin perfectly decorated cupcakes, amazingly delicious cookies, totally cute craft projects, or ingenious DIY renovations? Are they really people or alien life forms sent to make us normal humans look like total losers? You think I jest, but have you ever really come close to copying one […]

Lemon Essential Oil: What’s Not to Love?

The cleaning aisle is filled with lemon-scented products, from dusting to soaps.  Lemon is the rage.  Why?  Well, because lemon is great.  It rocks the cleaning world. Ever notice that lemon wedge on your glass of water at the restaurant?  It’s for more than decoration. Lemonade on a hot summer day.  Refreshing. If you don’t […]

A Glass A Day Could Keep All Kinds of Things Away

If you could do one thing to drastically improve your health, how much money would you pay for it?  Some people pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to follow the latest diet trend.  They buy some exotic fruit or a special kitchen appliance or take a handful of pills three times a day.  There […]

Add the Good Food, and You Won’t Miss the Bad

I’ve said it again and again and again.  Diets are a drag.  Boring.  Torture disguised as some sort of food penance.  I like to read about them and then take great satisfaction in never doing them.  That is, if we’re talking about diets that center around one principle, such as a certain food,  institute an […]