Memorial Day: The Reason We CAN Barbecue In Peace

Memorial Day is not National Barbecue Day.  Shocking, I know.  Memorial Day was first proclaimed a holiday in 1868 as a day to place flowers on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers in Arlington Cemetery.  By 1890, all the northern states recognized the holiday.  After World War I, all the states began recognizing the […]

Trip Recap or Why I’m Glad to be Home

I returned home yesterday after a five day trip to a social media conference in Utah.  It will take me the next six months to implement just a portion of what I learned at Evo ’12.  I guess it’s fair to warn you that you will start seeing some changes around here.  I hope you like them […]

Can work and homeschool mix?

I have a rather unique perspective to homeschooling.  I own and run my own network management business in the midst of homeschooling three children and chasing two more around the house.  I don’t fit the mold of stay-at-home homeschool mom.  I’ve heard of other working homeschool moms, but I think most of us are afraid […]

Budgeting Takes Real Life Practice

I read an article a few weeks ago where the author talked about how he had stumbled across an effective way to teach money skills to his teenage son.  I say stumbled across because some of the best techniques most parents use are the ones they back into blindly, not the ones they carefully plan […]

Life is full of transitions

Last year I went through a transition, of sorts.  I had been contemplating starting an Internet business but was unsure of what or how to get started.  Even as a technical professional with an MBA in “real life”, the whole Internet business thing was pretty fuzzy to me.  I knew the technicalities of how to […]

Who and What is MomToManyGirls?

I, Georganne, am the writer of MomToManyGirls, and should you meet me in an elevator and ask me who I am and what my blog is about, I’d have to tell you this. I am a wife to one great guy. A mom to five beautiful daughters. A regular person who has thoughts, experiences, and […]

Welcome to MomToManyGirls!

This is the first offical post for this new site.  I’m in the process of moving my blog here from my old site,  If you’re looking for previous posts, they will be over there for a little while.  So, click over there to check it out, but don’t forget to come back!!