Simplifying Life Is Harder Than It Sounds

How to escape the stress of too much

I could write a month’s worth of blog articles on simplifying life to avoid overload and stress. There are so many facets to this one topic. Its impact on health, mental and physical, cannot be overestimated. While simple living sounds like it should be simple, getting started can be really tough. This post contains affiliate links, […]

Beauty Sleep Isn’t Such a Misnomer

Busy lifestyles encourage people to find new and ingenious ways to squeeze one more minute out of their day.  It might seem like you can shave a minute here and a minute there to lengthen your day, but 24 hours is all you get, no matter what. One particularly popular, but ineffective, way to try […]

Get Your FREE Computer Tip Sheet

Want to buy a computer, but don’t know what you need? There’s a lot of stuff out there, and everyone is trying to sell you something. Here’s your chance to get an easy-to-read tip sheet on what is what with computers. Join my email list, and I’ll send you a FREE tip sheet explaining the […]

Not Normal #2: Do Less, Not More

I am a habitual over-committer.  I can always find more to do until I make the Mad Hatter look like he’s on tranquilizers. Of course, when you look at just my normal life, you would think I have a reason to be busy.  I mean, I have five kids.  Just keeping them all alive is […]

A Year in Review: 2013

A lot happened in 2013. We bought a home and moved to our land. We setup a homestead, sort of.  Okay, we setup a small garden area. We bought a tractor. We bought chickens. We butchered chickens. We got eggs from chickens. We had a calf explosion.  Six in nine months. We stopped taking dance […]

How I’m Going to Start the New Year…My NOT Normal Resolution

Most people make a big deal about New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve been known to make (and break) a few.  But if I am going to make one resolution this year, it’s to NOT be normal.  Huh?  Aren’t we supposed to be normal?  Isn’t that what we’re supposed to groom our kids to be?  Normal?  Well, […]

Black Friday a.k.a. Retail Mayhem

I admit that I once was a Black Friday shopper.  I never knocked anyone over or got in a fist fight over the last Blu-ray player, but I strategically planned my shopping to score items on my Christmas list.  I stood in line for an hour to save a few dollars.  I set the alarm […]

Holiday Countdown: Seven Ways We Celebrate Our Christmas

Over our sixteen years of marriage and birth of five children, we have developed a certain philosophy on holidays, in general, and Christmases, in particular.  What we started with as newlyweds doesn’t much resemble where we are now.  That’s how life happens. We want to make memories with our children, and we have developed a […]

Mom’s Monday Mingle Blog Hop – Come Have Fun!

I’ve been blogging at MomToManyGirls for almost two years now.  I’ve had so much fun meeting new people and reading other blogs.  One way to find new blogs is to visit Blog Hops or Linky Parties or whatever someone calls them.  Lots of bloggers get together and leave links to their blog or particular posts, […]

Summer Vacation: Family Reunion, Sightseeing, Celebrity Stalking

We recently took a trip to see family.  In true redneck fashion, we made use of what is available to have a good time.  You don’t have to watch your step with these horses.  They might buck you off, if you don’t hang on, though. How many kids can fit into a toddler wading pool?  […]