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Want to buy a computer, but don’t know what you need? There’s a lot of stuff out there, and everyone is trying to sell you something. Here’s your chance to get an easy-to-read tip sheet on what is what with computers. Join my email list, and I’ll send you a FREE tip sheet explaining the […]

Christmas Gift Ideas: For The Person Who Has Everything, Give In Their Name

We are down to the wire with Christmas shopping.  Only five more days!  It will be a gamble to get anything shipped in time, and the malls?  Yikes!  But there is still one great way to gift the person who has everything, or is just plain hard to buy for.  Give in their name.  You […]

Helping the Least: A Family With Needs Helps With Purpose

I’m so excited to add a post in my Helping the Least series.  I haven’t done one in a while, and I feel very remiss in my efforts to spotlight groups and individuals who work under the radar assisting those in need.  Many small nonprofits grow from an individual or family’s desire to make a difference.  The desire is […]

Memorial Day: The Reason We CAN Barbecue In Peace

Memorial Day is not National Barbecue Day.  Shocking, I know.  Memorial Day was first proclaimed a holiday in 1868 as a day to place flowers on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers in Arlington Cemetery.  By 1890, all the northern states recognized the holiday.  After World War I, all the states began recognizing the […]

Helping the Least: Blood-N-Fire San Antonio

This month, I’m excited to feature a ministry that we have personally supported for 14 years, Blood-N-Fire San Antonio. My friends, Mark and Susie Roye, started this ministry in downtown San Antonio in 1998. I go wayyyyy back with Mark and Susie. Blood-N-Fire (BNF, for short) started in an old warehouse and organized volunteers into […]

Helping the Least: Shot@Life Works to Provide Life-Saving Vaccinations

  What childhood milestone do you take for granted?  Learning to whistle?  Going to school? Playing dress-up?  Tutus and tiaras are common clothing in my house.  We are fortunate to reasonably expect that our children will accomplish these goals and more.  This is not the case in more than 40 countries around the world where […]

Helping the Least: Derreck Kayongo with Global Soap Project

I have had an idea for a while about spotlighting non-profits and Christian ministries on my blog.  I love to donate to organizations that are making a difference in real people’s life.  The “big guys” might have a larger reach by having the staff to implement large scale projects, but there are a lot of […]