Mid-Year Homeschool Update…Just Keep Swimming

We jumped back into school today with renewed vigor and determination.  Yeah, right.  Well, my kindergartner did, anyway.  I heard her screaming because her older sister said she was going to get her books ready.  The K-child flew into a rage demanding to go first.  Why couldn’t they all have her desire to “do school”?  […]

Preschoolers Prove to be Adept at Selfies

When the preschooler gets the phone, she has fun texting her dad, friends and sometimes random strangers. My friends just respond to her silly texts with “Hi, Emma!” Her dad responds with, “Give the phone back to your mom!”  Then, “stop.”  Then, “STOP.”  Then, “When I get home!” Sorry Dr. Dentist.  I promise, I removed your […]

First Semester Behind Us, and All is Well

We have entered our ninth week of the school year.  This is the week we usually take a break, however all my students did not finish their work.  So, they will use their week off to catch up.  So sad. What did we do during our first semester?  Well, see for yourself. Our first week […]

Mom’s Monday Mingle Blog Hop – Come Have Fun!

I’ve been blogging at MomToManyGirls for almost two years now.  I’ve had so much fun meeting new people and reading other blogs.  One way to find new blogs is to visit Blog Hops or Linky Parties or whatever someone calls them.  Lots of bloggers get together and leave links to their blog or particular posts, […]

25 Survival Tips for Bad Days

I want to finish up this series on homeschooling with how to survive a bad day.  Because there will be bad days.  Just being honest here.  If you’re new to this series, I’ve written about the first half of our schedule, the second half of our schedule, choosing curriculum, getting started, homeschooling on a budget, and […]

The Second Half of A Typical Homeschool Day

Okay, so where were we?  It’s late morning, and I have two of my four students done with school.  On to the junior high and high school students.  This is where it gets tricky.  You’ll only know what I mean if you have one.  Sigh.  If you’re new to this series, I’ve written about the […]

The end of our dance era…but the beginning of something else.

In honor of dance classes starting this week, I’m posting our pictures of what may be our last dance recital.  Since our move to the country, it quickly became abundantly clear that we could not drive an hour each way two to three days a week for dance classes.  This decision was met with mixed […]

Our typical school day, if there is any such thing as typical.

This is the next installment in a series on kicking off the homeschool year.  See my other topics on picking curriculum (part 1 and part 2), finding curriculum without taking out a second mortgage, and starting the actual schooling. Now that you’ve decided to homeschool and have rounded up enough books to fill a library […]

Still looking? Check these 4 tips for finding homeschool curriculum.

Homeschoolers, as a rule, are a thrifty lot.  We educate children on a budget that is about 1% of a public school’s budget.  Of course, Our teacher and principal don’t get paid, but we don’t get subsidized curricula. Many of us teach class at the dining room table, but we buy ALL our own supplies, […]

7 Tips to Start the Homeschool Year

This is my tenth year of homeschooling.  My oldest daughter is entering ninth grade, and I have a sixth grader, a third grader, and a kindergartner.  Then, one on the end shadowing just about everyone.  I think I’ll just start her out in second grade. To continue my impromptu homeschooling theme, I’d like to share […]