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Want to buy a computer, but don’t know what you need? There’s a lot of stuff out there, and everyone is trying to sell you something. Here’s your chance to get an easy-to-read tip sheet on what is what with computers. Join my email list, and I’ll send you a FREE tip sheet explaining the […]

Splurge on You with Discount Gift Cards

When you’re a mom, splurges can sometimes be few and far between. By the time you buy diapers, replace ripped jeans, fill in seasonal clothing for the child who doesn’t have hand-me-downs because she was the only one not born in the winter, and plan enough snacks to feed a third-world country, there isn’t usually […]

Income Idea: Sell Outgrown Clothing and Toys

Most moms are always looking for a way to help generate a little extra money, if it’s only to be able to finance another purchase.  An odd job here or there stretches the budget.  One project I have done off and on for several years is sell our outgrown clothes and toys.  There are several options […]

Memorial Day: The Reason We CAN Barbecue In Peace

Memorial Day is not National Barbecue Day.  Shocking, I know.  Memorial Day was first proclaimed a holiday in 1868 as a day to place flowers on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers in Arlington Cemetery.  By 1890, all the northern states recognized the holiday.  After World War I, all the states began recognizing the […]

Swagbucks Update

I’m starting to like this Swagbucks thing. In three days, I have more than 100 points. That means in about a week, I’ll have my first Amazon gift card. $5 may not sound like much, but accumulate a few and you have yourself a decent payoff for very little effort. And what does Amazon not […]

Second Income Opportunity

So, I’ve heard of this Swagbucks thing, and not that I’m a pessimist, but I was pessimistic. Now that I’m pulling out all the stops for extra income, I decided to take the plunge and try it out. It’s easy enough. First you sign up. Now, before you get all weird about giving out your […]

Welcome to MomToManyGirls!

This is the first offical post for this new site.  I’m in the process of moving my blog here from my old site,  If you’re looking for previous posts, they will be over there for a little while.  So, click over there to check it out, but don’t forget to come back!!