Drawing up a ‘Bucket List’

  I’m not overly fond of the term “bucket list,” as in what you want to do before you kick the bucket, i.e. die.  I wondered where that term came from, so I looked it up.  It’s not pleasant, so in the interest of staying family friendly, I won’t share.  Look it up if you’re now […]

Ziplining…Living on the Wild Side

I crossed off something on my bucket list while I was at a conference in Utah last weekend.  At the closing party, the sponsors offered a limited number of tickets to a zipline.  I’ve never even seen a zipline, unless you count the one my husband’s uncle has strung between two trees about 8 feet […]

Trip Recap or Why I’m Glad to be Home

I returned home yesterday after a five day trip to a social media conference in Utah.  It will take me the next six months to implement just a portion of what I learned at Evo ’12.  I guess it’s fair to warn you that you will start seeing some changes around here.  I hope you like them […]

Leaving Wiggle Room in Trip Planning

I am an old work traveler.  In my previous life as a corporate worker bee, I traveled frequently, as in almost every week from week six to week 34 of my first pregnancy.  I learned how to scrupulously plan my business travel since I was often going multiple places in one trip.  I didn’t always […]

King Tut Review: Or How to Avoid Meltdowns in a Museum

I’ll say it from the beginning, we loved the King Tut exhibit. We regularly visit museums, so our children aren’t pre-programmed for high energy entertainment. They understood that some of what we saw would be somewhat beyond their comprehension but that this exhibit, in particular, was pretty special. Both because it came from a foreign […]

Vacation Primer with 5 Kids

In our 15 years of marriage, we have not taken many vacations. Most of our trips have been to see family or stay with friends. We were never entirely on our own in an unfamiliar place with all 5 kids. So, we decided to stick our toes in the water before we struck out on […]